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The Bible States That Portions of The Earths Ocean Would Die Near The End

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The Worst Evil And The Best Good True Stories of All Time

Please Help End This Chemical War By Showing Concern

Covid-19 Is Chemical Warfare Not A Virus The Ocean Dead

  Covid-19 is Not A Virus It is Chemical Poisoning Of Our Ocean Ponds Rivers Parks and Streets

Terrorist Groups Overdosed The USA In A Secret Chemical War. Chemical Masks Work Good.

Some Entity Sent The Government Home to Kill Everyone With Poison It Isn't Working Well

What Killed The Insects is In The Air Still? 2021 Is Our First Year Without Flies and Spiders

Do We Need Any More Evil News? Of course not so before reading more about this real big problem. Please remember this. The Truth That Sets Us Free From Debt and Money Worries. Is Easy To Learn. The More People Who Use The Truth That Sets Us Free The Easier It Gets and The More We Get. The Solution to a Huge Problem Happening Everywhere is The Abundant Life. Guaranteed Financial Freedom. Get 10 Times More And Get Your Time Back To Enjoy Life. This Is The Good News. Be Saved By Jesus Christ and His Servants. Escape To A Supportive Land Area Where Financial Freedom Is Guaranteed. Its Harder For A Rich Man To Enter Into The Kingdom Of Heaven.

A Bugs Funeral - The Crime Of The Century

California Coastline Fishing Ruined. Clams, Crabs, Gone!

And Now Over 99% Of Every Bug Is Dead In California!

Wake Up My People Take Notice of Whats Going On!

Now We Have 1000s Of Dead Trees On Many Streets!

These Things Are Over 99% Gone and Dead From a Continuing Chemical Overdose. Most Crawling and Flying Insects are Gone! In California in Most places. Sand Crabs Seem to Be 100% Gone From Poison Soaked Into The Sand. I see a few small hermit crabs covered in pollution. They look brown its hard to see the shell. Regular Crabs 100% Gone? Clams 100% Gone? Ocean Plant Life. Sea Weed and Kelp? 99% Gone? Insects around garbage cans and on the sand 100% Gone? The Chemical Overdose That Caused This Death of So Many Little Friends. Continues Because Almost No One Is Observing Reality as it Changes. Except Me... And God and Jesus and We are Skilled Jack Of All Trades. Handymen From Heaven. Salvation For Regular People is The Answer. Wisdom and Understanding Leads Us To The Easy Life. Going on Vacation is The Best Answer


A New Video is Coming Beach Area Investigations In El Segundo and Malibu The Pollution Creation Companies of Death of The Ocean. And Who Is Checking The Health of Our Air and Water?

2/23/21 Now Over 1000 Trees are Dead in Many Places Including the LAPD Station and Library the Chemical Terrorist Groups Poisoning The Trees and Environment Gave The Government Stay at Home Orders... The People Poisoning Everything Shut Down the Government. Around The Same Time? Most of The Dead Trees are Now Dry and ready to Burn they need to be cut down! Free Firewood For Someone. The Poison Vapors rising from the soil where 1000s trees died, plus the vapors rising off of the sewage treatment ponds. Plus the vapors rising off of the parks watered with reclaimed water. Plus the vapors rising off the sand on the beach is in the air and has killed every insect in California well over 99%.

3/2/21 CA. 1000s of Dead Dry Trees On Commercial Streets, Industrial Streets, and in Residential Neighborhoods in California Have Been Killed. One group taking responsibility may have had their lives very ruined when Donal Trump Shut The Border. Another Group of Angry People Use The Word Jihad. Don't! Judge The People Yet...! Our Government Needs Reform First... A Secret Meeting With Some People Able To Help Get Things Done. For Now The Government is Not in The Buildings They Worked in Before The Fake Corona Virus Sent Them Home... For Now LAPD is Available if I Call Them. The Coast Guard is Not at Work Either. 

3/2/21 CA. It has been Determined that many of these Chemical Overdose Acts of Revenge  Happened Several Years Ago. But some of the problems continue and get worse every year. The Sewage Treatment Facilities are Continuing to Do The Same Thing. So far I don't know anyone but me trying to stop the polluters. They have Huge Plans to Continue to Sell Developers the rights to send their poop soup into the ocean. No one is trying to stop them except God So far?

Many things have gone very wrong in the management of the earths countries Evil Business Ethics has screwed most people out of a life, not just the Spanish. For sure reform is something we should strive for so we the people can Love Our Government again. The Terrorist Groups need to remember that we are not guilty most of Us. The People are Victims of The Worlds Way.. Everyone Prefers a Nice Life With Friends. Dwelling on the Positive Things We Can Achieve is The Answer. Escape to A Community Designed By Gods Will To Give Us Everything.

I am very concerned. I have called emergency 911 three times and want to coordinate with The Police and National Guard ASAP. Everyone involved should be arrested and questioned till we know where they inject the chemicals and stop all of it now. Stopping all chemicals will not cause an immediate problem. Don't believe them if they say it will. 2/23/21 CA. Ralph's on Ventura Blvd. at Coldwater Canyon has dead trees all around it both sides and some homes. These trees must go now. Terrorist's Intend to lite these trees2/23/21  on fire and I've seen a whole street with giant dead trees out here!

3/2/21 CA. Public Awareness is The Best Way To Stop The Trouble Makers From Poisoning Everything. Please Try Not To Worry To Hard When Reading This Website. Because the Companies Killing Everything Including Us Can be Stopped. The Easiest Way To Stop Big Time Polluters Is A General Public Meeting With LAPD, Army, National Guard and Other Law Enforcement Personnel. In Front Of The Facilities Poisoning California, With Multiple Cameras. Immediately Show Interest and Concern for Our Government and Citizens. Make the employees working their answer a list of questions we deserve to know about. How these pollution systems work. Why do they claim that this is safe reclaimed water?   Who are the people working at the Chemical Manufacturing Plants in Long Beach and Los Angeles. Who puts the chemicals in the poop soup and where?

2/22/21 Investigating Pollution in CA I have discovered the worst unnatural disaster of all time Happening to California and The USA. Chemical Dealers Have Polluted the Ocean in a very Large area off the Coast Of California. Over 99% of all insects, sea creatures, plant life in the ocean and on the shore is dead already. Insects have been killed by Airborne Chemicals in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles. Santa Barbara and In Other Cities and Countries?. Evil People have increased the amount of chemicals they are putting into the sewage treatment facilities and plan to kill Us.

2/22/21 CA. The Building Department Authorized the Construction of  Sewage Treatment Facilities. These Companies are Mismanaged and Someone is Guilty! Bacteria Killing Chemicals Get Into the Ocean and Rivers they have already Poisoned Most Living Things. In Malibu the People Paid for a Solution to a Pollution Problem. But they got a Big Container of Poison Water Over Flowing Into Malibu Bay. This is not a secret at all. The people who built the sewage treatment / water reclamation pond teach the general public very well on signs and tiles on how they killed everything not just bacteria. Who Is Guilty of Not Paying Attention to Whats Going On?!

2/22/21 CA Not Checking Chemical Dealers is a Huge Security Risk to All Of Us! The Us Government is not doing accurate Chemical Inspections We are being poisoned by terrorist groups this summer could be very deadly. Our Government is not checking to see who the guilty entities are killing our country yet and no one is listening well enough to me yet!. No Honest caring entity checks carefully to see who these people are and what is being delivered.

2/22/21 CA. LAPD and National Guard. Do They Know Anything? The Police Department and National Guard. Must stop all chemical trucks and inspect. Should plan to arrest the dealers. For sure this is a huge act of chemical terrorism. All chemical transfers are not being monitored properly. Hyperion and Los Angeles Department of Public Works Has Created The Worst Accident Since The Beginning of Time. Mismanagement Trusting Evil People.

3/2/21 CA. Hyperion and The Los Angeles Department of Public Works Is Guilty of Killing A Variety of Living Things They are For Sure Either Mismanaged or They Let an Angry Terrorists group do it for Revenge. Either Way. This Company ( D.P.W. ) Is A Huge Deceptive Risk to All Life on Earth. They Polluted 100s of square miles They are Lying to the people with signs that make it seem like they are doing something good. They have killed almost everything that once lived in the ocean and on the sand and now every insect is gone except maybe one per day. No Flies. No Moths. No Butterflies. No Wasps. And Now They Tell Me The Honey Bee is Being Killed as Well. Welcome to The Land Without Milk and Honey.

2/22/21 CA. God took control of me the other night as I left a Job in Hawthorne I kept getting lost and ended up at Hyperion Sewage Treatment Facility At the same Time a Truck with chemicals arrives to the chevron parking lot east of the treatment ponds, it was labeled different like it was an Angel Delivering candy. Is This where they inject the poison? Looks like a good spot to me.

2/22/21 CA. I'm Meeting With The LAPD ASAP. I Worked With Keith LAPD and His Army Wife She is an Advisor to The Military they have Beautiful Girls Keith is Loved by 3 Girls. If he lost that it would kill him. The men we work with to stop the gay men from getting Us Killed must be Verified and Guaranteed to Love Girls. A Mental Health Upgrade to Improve The Telepathy We The People Share.

The Worst Unnatural Disaster of All Time for California And The Earth

Evaporating Chemicals Have Killed Almost All Insects Now We Breath It

Trouble For Everyone In California Not Just The Beach Cities

Malibu - Santa Monica - Venice - Zuma Beaches - Poisoned to Death 

This Terrible News is Not Going Away - For A Very Long Time

In 2018 Almost All Plant Life In Parts of The Ocean and Insects Died Almost Nobody Noticed

Chemical Poisoning Problem Soaked Deep Into The Sand And Has Settled On The Ocean Floor

Exotic Plants and Cute Creatures in Malibu Bay Almost 100% Gone 

Polluting May Have Started Before 1987 - Over 33 Years of Chemicals Killed Almost Everything

Chemicals Killed Almost All Bugs - That Killed The Inland Birds Food Supply - No Sparrows In Most Places

Chemicals Have Killed Almost Everything In The Ocean and In and On The Sand Almost No Insects Exist

Now Birds Have No Food Along Coastal Beaches Long Nose Sand Birds No Longer Look For Sand Crabs

I Wish This Was Only A Novel to a Science Fiction Movie

Sewage Treatment Facilities Pump Over 300 Million Gallons Of Tainted? 

 Into The LA. Rivers and The Ocean Every Day How Did This Evolve? 

How Long Can LA. City Government Ignores This Death Of Life? 

They Water Some City Parks With Some of This Smelly Tainted Water

It Evaporates in To The Air It Killed All Bugs and We Breath It

What Do These Chemicals Do To Humans?

If You Start Choking Drink Lots Of Water 

I Think This Is The Source Of The Fake Corona Virus A Mask Wont Work Well

Please See Death Of The Ocean Links To The Left

1/27/21 W.H. CA. Immediately Stop putting the chemicals into all treatment facilities. I have never been this scared ever in my life. I'm shaking from the memories not being able to breath and knowing exactly what it was 10 years ago. I ignored this evil problem of toxic air long ago the greatest evil ever to happen to our air quality and public health. Vapors rising off of inland treatment facilities have killed almost every living thing. In Burbank one night (13 Years Ago) it was so strong it for sure kills humans I thought. I drove away. Soap they use in gas stations and restaurants on the floor kills me also. This evil chemical they put it everywhere. Now! Stop these companies now. If it burns my eyes and I can't breath it must not be used. This chemical is 10 times more deadly than smoking cigars or cigarettes. No Bugs Anywhere? The Spiders on Malibu Road Got Killed From Poison Rising Off The Ocean And Inland Treatment Facilities. Without the chemical our waste is like harmless fertilizer I have seen enough. Stop Using This Chemical Now! Foam On The Beach Is Not Nearly As Deadly As This Chemical. It Makes Sense That The Levels Of Concentrated Chemicals Would Increase Constantly On The Sand and in Evaporation Ponds on Land. We Are In Big Trouble! This Is A Big Mistake! 

People That Can Hurt Their Bodies That Like The Smell of Diesel Fumes and Drinking Hard Liquor While Smoking Cigars? Your Fired! Now the Whole World is Dying. Including The People. This could be the source of the corona virus, this toxic problem is easily able to kill human tissue and destroy the human body like the eyes lungs and nervous system. 

2/9/21 CA USA. Now The chemical dealers must be stopped and the people at The Department of Public Works should be arrested for ignoring smart people. They are guilty of killing the people.  Not just every insect crab clam and probably the frog? They probably killed every fish in the rivers also. The corona virus in my opinion is chemical poisoning's from what has killed well over 99% of every insect in California. It for sure is so bad in some neighborhoods that horrible smell that its the ultimate crime we need to stop. 

2/3/21 El Segundo Sewage Treatment Facility Ca. Chemical Concentrations Increase Every Day In The Ocean, On The Sand And In The Air. Because of the way the earth is shaped near this massive ( The Largest Polluter On Earth? ) sewage treatment facility the ocean waves churn and the peninsula could be creating another current that rotates some of the polluted water back towards Us. Put simple the pollution is not as able to escape the area and is settling on the ocean floor. I suspect that scuba divers could find sewage a mile deep on top of the ocean floor not water. Some surfer said that he still sees baby shark. Dolphin. Manta Rey. Etc. The area has more surfers than many other areas. I saw waves crashing parallel. Rarely did one peel off the way they want. The waves did not look polluted to the naked eye. I never saw one living insect and everything is dead in the sand. Once thousands of flies today maybe I can see less than 10 per day? Today I saw 2 insects. Is this because of winter? I don't think so. Millions of sand crabs always lived in the sand. Millions of small Clams lived in the sand in Venice Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach. Now I can't find one living thing. Poison Killed Everything in the Sand and on the sand. Now for the most Important Solution. How to stay healthy with poison in the air. This poison eats away at the throat lungs eyes just for starters. This chemical killing everything is in many things including Tide Laundry Detergent. 

Escape Gated Creative Arts Residential Real Estate. This Website was Created to Save The Human Race From The End of The World. We Will Get 10 Times More Than We Got In The Big Cities of The USA. So Remember Keep It Positive And .Don't Judge The People Judge The Worlds Way. The Son Of Perdition Created The Worlds Way Gods Way is Superior Now We Get It. We Can't Kill The Ocean. We Don't Have as Much Time as I Thought to Build a New City - God Hates The Worlds Way

To Stop Killing The Ocean We Simply Shut Down The Sewage Treatment Facilities. But That Would Cause a Big. Problem and End The World in This Area No Toilets to Start. If We Don't  Stop Killing The Ocean The Planet Will Die For Sure And Everything On It. How To Cope and Escape and Fix what we can a report is coming I can't stop now... A new page called death of the ocean please see the link to the left.

Getting Out Of The Big Cities Must Be Top Priority ASAP 

We Planned On Building A Place Long Ago Where Life Is Easy Beautiful And Safe

The Easy Abundant Life is The Eternal Vacation In Heaven Forever

For Those Who Make It - Easy Freedom Is The Best Solution

1/29/21 We Will Get Our Time Back And Live A Life Of Luxury With No Confusion On How To Get There. 

For Me its Been Over 20 Years  Of Planning Waiting Worrying - His Wisdom Over 2000 Years Old Still Saves Us Today


Easy Financial Freedom Is Something 

That Can Be Learned In 5 Minutes 

The Truth That Sets Us free

Smart Caring Economics Is What We Deserve

Learn It Live It. The Smart Way Is Gods Way.

The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil

A Different Way (System) Saves Us From All Evil

Evil Economics Is What We Got In Los Angeles

Being Out For Our Own Gain Promotes Failure

How many Terrorists Groups Do We Have In LA?
Because Its Easy To Hate Life When We

Can't See The Way to Easily Obtain A Nice Life

The Worlds Way Is The Biggest Problem

Knowing The Mind Of A Terrorist

Gay Rights / Anti Gay Rights

Was God Wrong at Sodom and Gamorah?

Did He Have The Right Idea Killing Gays?

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