Freedom Projects / Lyman Lake Arizona

10 Miles South of Saint Johns City Arizona

Saint Johns Arizona Small Town 5000+ People

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Pristine Fairytale Mountain Creative Arts Housing

Sustainable High Quality Real Estate Perfect Weather Cell Service

Easy Financial Freedom Sale  / Pick The Easy Life


Freedom Projects is a Privately Owned Construction Company

Sustainable Communities With Automatic Financial Freedom

Pristine Fairytale Mountain Resort Movie Location

Pink and Red Soil With No Weeds Springs Of Water Great Cell Service

Multi Use Creative Arts Apartment Homes.

Only $100,000 Each Unit Only $525 Per Month. A $200,000 Value

The Ultimate Living Space Properly Designed For Creative Success

Created For Creative People Inventors Artists Musicians

FreedomProjects.Org Large Well Planned Spaces. Finished Walls Insulated

Calculated at $50 Per Sq. Ft. Pays for 2000 Sq. Ft. Amazing Real Estate Deals Make a Profit Easily.

This Very Affordable Arizona Real Estate Business Opportunity Is Guaranteed and Includes.

A) 600 Sq. Ft. Private Garage (20w x 30d) 12 ft wide x 10 ft high roll up door,

B) 600 Sq. Ft. Apartment Above The Garage. (20wx30d) bath kitchen shower garden view window.

This Private Work Shop Space can be left open or enclosed add an upstairs. In main barn you have the option to add up to 800. 400 Up and 400 down.
C)   600 sq ft of private yard space 20ft wide x 30 ft long in front of the garage can be enclosed by fence

D)  7800 Sq. Ft. (60 Ft Wide x 130 Ft. Long..) Big Barn Shared Space, Film Location. Bands Work Shops. Swap Meet..

Time Sharing The Good Side Of Time Sharing a Full Report Coming Soon.

Financial Freedom can be Guaranteed... Easy Financial Freedom. 5% Insurance Default Protection Plan. 

Easy Financial Freedom. Simple to understand business plans can lead people into the easy abundant life. The Easy Life. Easy to pay for real estate. Easy to get to work. Easy to get support for building a business. Easy to access food and cooking services.