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Sustainable Business Farming Communities For The Easy Beautiful Safe Life

 Get Your Time Back And Live A Life Of Luxury With No Confusion On How To Get There. 

The Truth That Sets Us Free From Debt and Money Worries. Is Easy To Learn. The More People Who Use The Truth That Sets Us Free The Easier It Gets to Buy Everything We Want and The More We Get. 5000 people get one million per dollar spent. 100,000 people get $20,000,000 per dollar spent per month. For $100 per month 5000 people get $100,000,000 in real estate. 100,000 people get $2,000,000,000 two billion in purchase power.

The Solution to (Poverty and Homelessness) a Growing Huge Problem Happening Everywhere is The Abundant Life. A Much Smarter Community Design Will Provide State Of The Art Essential Service Systems That Will Guarantee Easy Financial Freedom.

Smart Community Designs Give Us 10 Times More Value in Real Estate. And More Time To Enjoy Life. This Is The Good News. We The People Can Escape To A Supportive Land Area Where Financial Freedom Is Guaranteed. Because of this web site! 

Wisdom and Understanding Leads Us To The Easy Life.

Smart Community Planning Gives Us Everything We Need Providing For Everyone

A Good King Knows The Way to Design A Community So All People Can Easily Obtain a Nice Life

When All People Are Taken Care Of Without Worry Then God is Almighty Then Love Can Be Everywhere

The Cornucopia Utopia The Abundant Life In A More Perfect World

A Concert Has 100,000 People. If they all pay one dollar per month they can buy $20,000,000 in Real Estate

The California Jam Sold 250,000 Tickets One Dollar Per. Month from 250,000 Buys $50,000,000 In Real Estate

It Costs $1 Per Month From The People To Buy Them All The Land They Need

1) Starting With Food Its The Most Important Thing We All Need. We Deserve Easy access to healthy affordable food. It should be a sustainable source. A Sustainable Food Supply.

2) When we KNOW THE WAY TO EASILY AFFORD real estate. Then We Believe And Then We Can Get The Easy Life. Until we know something exists we cant get something. We get 10 times more when we believe in Jesus Christ. He is the man who originally tried saving the people from the Worlds Way. When 5000 people pay $1 One Dollar Per Month They get $1,000,000 In Real Estate.  Today 2021 In The USA. It Still Costs One Dollar Per Month For All The Land We Need To Build Everything We Need If We Know The Way

Many things have gone very wrong in the management of the earths countries. Evil Business Ethics have screwed most people out of a life. The answer is moving to a community built different.  A Community Designed to Give Us The Easy Life.

Many People are Victims of The Worlds Complicated Economic Way. Everyone Prefers a Nice Life With Friends. Dwelling on the Positive Things We Can Achieve is The Answer. Escape to A Community Designed To Give Us Everything we need easily.

Escape Gated Creative Arts Residential Real Estate.

This Website was Created to Save The Human Race From The End of The World.

We Can Get 10 Times More Than We Got In The Big Cities of The USA. So Remember Keep It Positive. Try not to Judge The People. Judge The Worlds Way. The Son Of Perdition Created It. Gods Way is Superior Now We Can Have It.

In California Breaking News... The Pacific Ocean is Polluted and 99% Of Everything is Dead. Getting out of Los Angeles is a very good idea.


Easy Financial Freedom Is Something 

That Can Be Learned In 5 Minutes 

The Truth That Sets Us free

Smart Caring Economics Is What We Deserve

Learn It Live It. The Smart Way Is Gods Way.

The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil

A Different Way (System) Saves Us From All Evil

Evil Economics Is What We Got In Los Angeles

Being Out For Our Own Gain Promotes Failure

Smart Community Designs Guarantee Success

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