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Affordable Housing - The Easy Life - Easy Financial Freedom

Communities With Jobs and Affordable Essential Services

Affordable Smart Housing For Single People and Families
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This Property is Between Saint Johns and
 Lyman Lake Arizona Has Perfect Cell Service

BigArtFarm.com / BigStarFarm.com
Escape Economic Problems Forever The Easy Way
This video above starts out at the canal from Lyman Lake
the canal is 1/2 mile back from the hwy 180/191.
This land Robert Rowley bought over 10 years ago.
Bought for the people not for me only. Family Values

How To Easily Afford Real Estate

Creating Cash Flows To Buy Real Estate
Spending Small Amounts of Money To Prosper

 Cash Flow Ideas on This Video are designed
for rural development projects not Los Angeles.
I talk about my Big idea to create a fun place to live
Most restaurants do not even have enough parking
I will allow parking for big music events etc.
In most cities too much traffic is ruining life
Freedom Projects will Include Job Opportunities

The Property is Near Lyman Lake Arizona

A Very Usable Lake In Central Eastern Arizona

Saint Johns Arizona Video Produced By Robert Rowley
A Small Town in Central Eastern Arizona 5000+ People

For Sale ... Lyman Lake Arizona Project The first project area we are developing is 4 miles north of Lyman Lake in Arizona and has perfect cell phone service. 4 Miles South = Lyman Lake does not have good cell phone service. The Property We are Developing Has a Canal Running Through It.

Farm Land Creative Arts Housing Building Manufacturing and Producing Products Including Art Forms Including Music Videos... Furniture Cabinets, Etc. Creative Arts Based Communities Make Sense Keeping the People Happy and Employed. www.BigARTFarm.com... To Produce Products To Sell. Manufacturing Shop Space Automatically Included.

This web site was created so that anyone could easily buy a nice beautiful life and easily escape most of the worlds problems. Positive Solutions... Like as easy as 123... Buy an affordable place to live with services and a job... Easy Life Services Can Make Life Easy. We get 5 times more if we buy new real estate here at Freedom Projects, compared to city prices. No traffic, no road noise, cooking service... Multiple job opportunities can lead to zero unemployment (A Bold Statement) OurBigMovie.com To represent the easiest fastest safest guaranteed way to own real estate and know easy financial freedom. True life moments will be documented as people learn and then escape to a place like Paradise... A Different type of Survivors Story To be way more interesting than eating exotic bugs on some scary island!

The Way To Build A Community So Life Is Easy and Safe... The Truth That Shows How Life Can Be Easy To Afford ... Simple Wisdom Leads To The Abundant Life...  A Growing Community? There are no master planned communities yet is my opinion. I intend to make life easy so the people know peace always... Most so called master planned communities have no services. All people drive way to often to stores etc. The Worlds Way Wastes Years of Our Time and Makes Life Hard For Everyone...