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I Found This Piano B. Scherpe & Co. This Piano has an Amazing Sound!... And Has Not Been Tuned In 16 Years! This Piano Is Tuned Bright. Never Fell Below 440 Hertz In Over 16 Years. My Dream Come True... Magic For Sure... / This Is A True Story. If The Lady Told Me It Was Not Tuned In 16 Years I Would Never Have Looked At It...

I Made This Video Mix To Show Some Of The Videos I Produced Original Songs Im Working On For My First Album Uploaded To

Music Is Part Of Our Daily Lives... If We Take Time Off Its Nice To Be Able To Entertain Ourselves... Be With People We Love... I Got Into Music Hoping It Will Help Me Get Out Of Construction / Into Development Of The Big Music Project... As Of Today I Own 5 Antique Upright Pianos... I do Play The Guitar and Piano. ... Needed Music So I'm Producing Some Of It... Playing Piano and Guitar Both Instruments Heal My Body When I Play Certain Ways.

I Was Hoping to Get My Musical Instrument Collection To Arizona... And Expand It! A Place To Perform With a Collection... I figured pianos will be harder to find in Arizona... So I have 5 Antique Pianos. (I Paid $600 For All 5) 2 Pianos I Found For Free... Some Were Broken And, I Fixed Them! A Handyman! A Good One! I Made A Piano Dream Come True... The Piano in OurBigMovie Video on YouTube was free. But it needed very hard to fix things fixed. I Made Videos So People Could Learn Piano Repair. Learn How To Move Pianos With One Person... Me... See How I Get Them On My Vans Rear Bumper. Piano Education. The Big Music Project Will Need More Musical Instruments...