Many properties must go back to septic systems in California. For example. I lived on 5 acres in Malibu and the home had one bathroom. We never should have been hooked up to the sewer system it still makes no sense at all. 5 Acres can handle its own sewage.

Ponds for waste water in the yard near the home. If you let all the water from your home get to a pond what would happen? A pond was 10 feet away from a mans home in Arizona. It never smelled and green grass grew only around the pond.

Wherever possible home owners land lords and companies must handle their own sewage. Places like Home Depot and Lowe's easily have enough land for leach systems underground with very few toilets its easy. Most shopping centers and Shopping Malls look easy.

Removing Solids. Systems for separating and removing solid waste.

Leach Fields and Holes or Leach Pit. How many square feet of surface area is needed for one person? An average person uses 15 to 20 gallons of water to shower and for the toilet. How long does it take to perk? Leach Fields are usually not very deep and not wider than 2 to 3 feet. Maybe 20 feet long for a 3 bath home. Leach holes could be used where surface space is limited and should be easier to drill and install with some equipment already available.

A pit or hole below a toilet is a system that can be seen in AZ at a Lake near Show Low it has no smell and how long has it been there? Maybe it never got emptied yet?

Funding For New Systems.

Hillside Homes.

High Rise Buildings.

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