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Free Housing For Girls. For Every Boy We Hire A Girl Gets a $20,000 Mini Home or Bedroom. Eventually thousands of girls will be able to get free housing. See

Our first project is an entertainment based company like Disney Land. Only way different. Gated and Guarded. A Beautiful Music and Movie Production Location. Some of the first girls will be picked and or be chosen to get free housing based on what they do. Housing is able to be traded as you move up the ladder of success. This starter housing gets a girl in the door so she can relax and pick her craft or talent and get creative without stress.

Music Girls and Boys Needed... Some Girls with Guitar Talents are needed and wanted. Live a nice easy life next to your own restaurant and enjoy music production studios with pristine views. All songs come from life's experiences and thus we have many negative songs. Someday Evil will not be part of our lives. Songs will evolve and make it to the city and could be used to educate and rescue the people.

Some Rich Girls that don't need housing get free housing also.

Britney Spears. Free Housing and an income opportunity. I'm in trouble now! Sorry other girls its just that Britney is not crazy at all so God sort of wanted her to help me because she seemed to try harder than the other girls over the years to get to know me. This Job Offers Britney $4,000,000 a years for 5 years. This money must be shared somehow to some of the other girls from Mariah Carey Freaked out just after she was picked to be a girl at Why? Mind Invasion. God Invades Our Privacy. Mariah Must get support and respect... 

Before I get started I figured 50 million dollars of profit. Based on selling 500 units for $200,000 that cost Us $100,000. Who ever helps? Promote this great opportunity to own housing in a self sustaining Wonderland.

Jennifer Aniston.  Before I get started if a person builds housing they often lease or sell some of it to make a profit or to get free paid off real estate.

500 vacation units X $25,000 = $12,500,000 in Amenities outside of 500 vacation units.

Britney Information. A vacation unit builds for $100,000 and is equal to $2,000 per week. If we sell Vacation Units Wholesale for $4,000 per week. This would mean that $16,000 buys one month not just one week as with some resorts.

$100,000 Total Build Cost for 500 Vacation Units. allowing $25,000 per unit investment outside = $12,500,000 in amenities total for 500 units. $75,000 X 500 Units would then be invested for the vacation units. These numbers are being used as an outline to represent the idea. Some resort areas will be high dollar this is like a fancy hotel on a fancy farm.

500 Resort Vacation Units Sell for $200,000 each. $100,000 X 500 Units is $50,000. Britney Spears was to control $20,000,000. Rick Shuster is being offered $1,00,000 per years  for 5 years for helping me get hings started. That leaves $25,000,000 for Robert Rowley and operating expenses.

After the first resort is finished another resort will profit us with $200,000,000 5 to 8 years from the start date. Until I figured $200,000,000 for me the lord would not be happy. I Love Sharing... Who Wants To be My Friend?

Jennifer Anniston? Need a Job? Girls of high esteem brag and earn high end real estate. Jennifer I know you tried to help...

All Britney Spears needs to do is brag about the resort and help control the other girls from keep the peace...

The Ultimate TV Show for Romance. 2 Kingdoms 2 Castles One for Girls and One for Boys. 1000 Vacation Units each castle. The Girls and Boys compete to impress the opposite sex... Gifts... Each Month The Boys and Girls  have an event between the 2 castles...