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Jan Leyba died February 28Th 2020. She left no Will because her children tried getting in the way. They treated Jan Leyba and Robert Rowley like criminals. Damon did something without Jan Leyba's permission. I found out after Jan Leyba died who paid the taxes without our permission. Damon and Ted decided to repossess and split the profits from  the property without Jan Leyba's permission. The children terrorized Jan and me. I realized after Jan Leyba died Damon disrespectfully admitted to paying the taxes because Damon Leyba wanted to repossess the property. I told Jan Leyba taxes were due and I would pay the back taxes. Damon Leyba paid the taxes and decided that I didn't pay for the property. According to an ongoing investigation more will be explained later. A Gay Prosecutor in Show Low Arizona wanted to have sex with Robert Rowley and made it obvious as he showered one day at the YMCA. The Gay Prosecutor convinced the Sheriff in AZ. And CA. To cause Robert Rowley trouble to get revenge and prevent the company Jan Leyba and Robert Rowley tried to build. Identity Theft and murder is what they planned. Hopefully its almost over because what these people have done is not forgivable. The Sheriff in Malibu stole my drivers license and gave me a ticket for something I did not do. Gay people getting paid by the Us Government gets all of Us in more trouble than any other problem.

Jan Leyba and Robert Rowley. Had a personal real estate deal involving plans to develop some land. In Salado Springs Apache Arizona.This letter intentionally leaves out information because its not anyone's business. Today its easy to verify that I'm not the bad guy in a very long evil situation. Some of the things that happened will be explained later. But for now I wanted to point out the fact that Jan Leyba and Robert Rowley had a very respectful relationship with each other. Jan Leyba and Robert Rowley had a living trust. To violate the trust they had in each other surely irritated God. Way too many people got involved without Gods Permission. For now just 3 people will be mentioned first. Some of the other people who got involved are too dangerous to mention here. Ted Leyba, Damon Leyba and Carol Leyba are Jan Leyba's children. These 3 children planned on repossessing the property without Jan Leyba's permission.

This letter is in reference to 2 land parcels. Jan Leyba and Robert Rowley had 4 land parcels total that they were dealing with. The first land parcel bought was paid off in 30 days. Another land parcel was part of our current deal which totals 4 land parcels. 1-2-3-4 Land parcels. If you see the whole picture parcels number 2 and 3 total 36 acres. It is the 36 acres this letter is about.

There was a recession after Robert Rowley bought the 36 acres from Jan Leyba. The company processing the payments went out of business. Robert Rowley called Jan Leyba several times because he wanted to continue with the land deal. Jan Leyba let several years pass maybe 6 years. Jan Leyba called Robert Rowley in 2016. The original escrow for the 36 acres was opened in 2006. In Approximately 2009 the payments stopped being sent to the company processing the account. So approximately 10 years went by from the time the escrow was opened, then in 2016 Jan Leyba called Robert Rowley on the phone in California to explain that the 36 acres was in Robert Rowleys name and that a Lawyer suggested that she would need to sue Robert to get the property back in her name. By 2016 the property values had dropped approximately 60% because of the recession. 

The 3 Children never believed that Jan Leyba and Robert Rowley made a new agreement and this bothered Jan Leyba so much so that she moved several hours away from her children to another city. Jan Leyba for sure did not want the children involved with the land deal and told Robert Rowley so on the phone. Robert Rowley wanted to employ her sons Damon and Ted, because a large development project was planned on the property. Jan Leyba didn't want the 3 children involved.

I contacted Jan again after our new deal went through. I sent her more money than she expected and promised to compensate her for way more than the original deal.