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Magnetism Please Think Security First!

310-740-0254 Robert Rowley

Hello Mark Wahlberg. This is Robert Rowley. My Top Concern is many great ideas and my talents are not being used by me or anyone else. I stagnate. Yet I could build a generator to charge a Tesla Car that runs on magnetism. I understand magnetism. GreenMotorProject.com

I own property in Arizona 6800 Ft Above Sea Level. No Cactus Never Gets Too Hot and most important of all a Sustainable Land Area. Cows, and Multiple Water Sources. I'm able to build a community that is sustainable. Able to feed the people without computers and stores. To me creating a quality sustainable community is something we need in order to survive a big problem coming. The merchants and governments can not be trusted to create a new system that is sustainable like in Beverly Hills. Someday getting out of LA. To a sustainable community will be important for survival. See Land Info Link Left Below Home. The Home page has videos of the area.

Also I discovered how some Billionaires became Billionaires. Building Greedy Resorts. but there is a good side of building resorts for a profit. A Quality Resort that has more with a purpose.

Its easy to make $100,000 per unit profit on a resort unit. Math is coming. So when 1000 units sell 1000 X $100,000 = 100M. Resort builders figured out how to get $500,000 profit from one unit.

More coming soon. A Quality Resort Can be a Very Nice Place...