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Magnetism For Clean Green Energy

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A Brand New Big Time Concern of Mine. This is 2/4/21 In California I have realized the worst unnatural disaster in California History The Death of Much of The Ocean has occurred in Malibu to Manhattan Beach and beyond. Dumping from sewage treatment facilities has poisoned the coast of California. Please see the home page FreedomProjects.org This problem has no fast or easy solution except one. Its 10 times easier to build a new place to live and its 10 times more affordable also to build in an untainted remote area and correct most things that went wrong. An affordable easy life in beauty land is what I propose at least for people who would love to live in luxury. A Big Mansion with 20 Bedrooms. Now we get it all The Abundant Life. Some Place Beautiful. Inland Higher Elevation. Exodus.  

Hello Mark Wahlberg. This is Robert Rowley. My Top Concern is many great ideas and my talents are not being used by me or anyone else. I stagnate. Yet I could build a generator to charge a Tesla Car that runs on magnetism. I understand magnetism. GreenMotorProject.com

I own property in Arizona 6800 Ft Above Sea Level. No Cactus Never Gets Too Hot and most important of all a Sustainable Land Area. Cows, and Multiple Water Sources. I'm able to build a community that is sustainable. Able to feed the people without computers and stores. To me creating a quality sustainable community is something we need in order to survive a big problem coming. The merchants and governments can not be trusted to create a new system that is sustainable like in Beverly Hills. Someday getting out of LA. To a sustainable community will be important for survival. See Land Info Link Left Below Home. The Home page has videos of the area.

Also I discovered how some Billionaires became Billionaires. Building Greedy Resorts. but there is a good side of building resorts for a profit. A Quality Resort that has more with a purpose.

Its easy to make $100,000 per unit profit on a resort unit. Math is coming. So when 1000 units sell 1000 X $100,000 = 100M. Resort builders figured out how to get $500,000 profit from one unit.

More coming soon. A Quality Resort Can be a Very Nice Place...