Art Farm. A Farm with Creative Arts Work Shops. This Information is for a Saint Johns Arizona Project... 5 Miles South of Saint Johns Airport in Arizona. Imagine living some place where life never gets boring! I Love The Idea! The idea is to create a place where fancy work shops are creating new products and mass producing them to sell local and world wide. /

A Smart housing project where life is easy affordable entertaining and beautiful. Providing food and jobs for the community. Furniture could be manufactured on the farm for the homes. Hydroponics operations for growing a variety of fruits and vegetables.

This information is about Building the Freedom Projects. Projects where Financial Freedom is Easy. With most opportunities the easy life is not what most people find. I worry everyday about how hard I work and how much time i waste. My life is a Pain! But I know the way out! The Good News is Financial Freedom is something you could choose. It does not need to be a mystery. Life does not need to be hard to deal with. We do not need to drive in traffic some other place on earth...

If you could find a place to live with a job guaranteed that would be unusual. Most Communities have no job opportunities built in! That is not Good! That creates trouble! That creates traffic! Last Edit 01/29/2018... 11:52AM Edited By Bob Rowley