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High End Carpenter Jack of All Trades Will Build In Arizona

⦁    This Wisdom Based Information is extremely important to anyone struggling or looking for answers and is designed to help ordinary people prosper, so they can easily afford a life of luxury beauty and abundance. Alone we often struggle but together we can easily prosper.
⦁    In less than 5 minutes I will explain (Audio) how anyone could simply buy a life of luxury. How you could move into a master planned community and live a nice life and never struggle financially again. This is about buying a place to live with job opportunities and space to work with community support. When people 5000 people pay $1 (One Dollar) Per Month. They can buy $1,000,000 (One Million) In Real Estate.

⦁    Opportunity #1) Make Payments and buy real estate now. This simply means that I will represent real estate to buy then a person starts making payments before they receive it like a developer does. This is an investment opportunity... Buy a section of a large project.
    Opportunity #2) No Money Down and No Payments till after you move in. This opportunity requires that you register and declare that you are wanting to buy after completion.
⦁   Live in a Mansion With Quality Services... If you buy a $200,000 home in a typical neighborhood then you get to live a typical life and maybe even struggle like many families do. Or you can buy a section of a Mansion at a resort location and live a life of luxury and easily get a local job if you want one. Think of it like this if you put 10 homes together and shape it into a quality designed mansion then 10 persons or families can live in a mansion.
⦁    Doing things together like at a party. Or doing things alone? What is nicer? You can live at a creative arts resort used to Film Movies and people will come from all over the World to visit. This is the ultimate business opportunity. A way to buy real estate with no large down payment!
⦁    This is a story based on Reality. My Plans Save The People From the Worlds Way. Evil Economics...
⦁    I want to build multi family mansions with high quality services that save Us Time and Money. If I build mansions first I upgrade the property value. Building mansions will attract people with money. Building Mansions to Film inside of and outside of for films and TV Shows Etc. Mansions regular people can buy rooms or sections of. Put simple I can afford to buy $200,000 worth of a million dollar project. So thus I need partners to buy portions of a Party Mansion on Hwy 180/191 Between Saint Johns and Lyman Lake Arizona. A perfect piece of land for an entertainment company. Make money investing in real estate. Investing in Freedom Projects is a Winner... A Lucky Deal...
⦁    100% APR The Wisdom The Opportunity. Making High APR Gains. Economic based stories reveal the fastest way to make profits in real estate. I have made over 100,000% APR Gains on real estate deals. Then I realized opportunities to make high gains buying and selling real estate can be created. Developing raw land is one way. If you buy $100,000 in real estate you could sell it for a profit soon after purchase. You could make $50,000 or more. So you might spend $5,000 to make $50,000. This would be way more than 100% APR. You might not need to make a large down payment to get in to the deal.
⦁    If you pay $500 per month to buy $100,000 in real estate in advance to help fund the development process of a project. If you pay for real estate by making payments in advance you can get what you want. If I have $5000 per month I can spend to buy a million dollar project I can also fund everything needed to get projects started. Paying for plans and soils test and building department permits etc. $5000 per month gets things done so 10 people paying $500 each equals $5000 gets things done. Again this ends the struggle. So an investment group does not need to be rich people.
⦁    Profit Sharing Development Opportunity. If you buy $100,000 in real-estate new like a developer does and then sell it to make a profit you can make a profit of 100% APR. You can make more.
⦁    Let Rich People Push Us Forward. Investors already understand info. They don't need to be taught.
⦁    Let Poor people prosper. Poor people need to be taught but they might also be eager to move onto the property.
⦁    Some types of real estate can be worth double the build cost after construction is complete. Because $500 per month builds 1000 sq ft of space. 4 rooms of 250 sq ft would cost $125 each to pay for. A 250 sq ft room can easily rent for double or in this case $250. As income property 4 rental units.
⦁    Developers build to make profits. Buying new real-estate at builders / developers cost is a powerful way to make big profits. Many types of developers exist. I help build multi million dollar homes. We (High End Finish Carpenters) also don't get paid enough to ever afford a life in these greedy cities. So it has crossed my mind to save the construction workers first. Like me...

⦁    The high cost of living makes it easier than ever to make a profit on real estate built in remote areas. More people than ever want to plan an escape from cities plagued by traffic and other problems.
Make more money on investments than off your labor! You can make more money spending money than most other ways. Does not make sense? Rural Development is Smarter than most ideas...

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