FreedomProjects.Org Offers A Guaranteed Quality Life With No Struggle. We can easily move away from the troubled Big City Problems. Simple Truth Sets Us Free. This Information Explains... How all people can get more out of life and be free from most problems like money worries. Here We Can Escape Poverty  and Know Prosperity. It is Legal... Buying Specific Types of Real Estate Together is The Way To Escape... Most problems can be solved by building a community different. The proper smart community design can make life easy safe, beautiful and simple. Saving Us Time and Money. When life is affordable we get our time back. The more affordable life is the better. This is what is needed. Buying things together makes it easy to buy anything we need. Being able to share what you buy is the key.

Carpenters and Construction Workers are able to take action and build what is needed for you. We will keep it simple. Escape Big City Chaos... Here! At FreedomProjects.Org...

This information shows how a small group of 10 friends could buy a million dollar mansion. $500 per month builds over 1000 sq ft of space for each person. Today in Los Angeles you can not even get a bedroom unless you get lucky or its to ugly to live in! Yikes!

Being Out For Our Own Gain in Life is The Biggest Problem Causing Poverty. Investing alone for what we need, guarantees the hard life. 

Believing in a plan where all people succeed is being out for the gain (Good) of a group. Buying real estate together can guarantee success. If one person invests $100,000 in a home they get a $100,000 home. If 10 persons invest $100,000 together they can live in a $1,000,000 Mansion. Being out for our own gain is why we have poverty. Trusting in Buying Together is the Answer. A Mansion is like a Hotel. Each Master Bedroom Unit could have 2 private entrances and one common entrance. The Kitchen would have a cooking service and bakery etc. If a man buys a $100,000 home the kitchen is maybe $20,000 of the whole cost. If you live in a mansion the kitchen would be maybe $100,000 of the total cost. When your friends come over the servants would offer them water etc. A $100,000 kitchen would be way nicer than a $20,000 kitchen.

Move away from the problems with big city life to a community with quality services. Most communities have nothing but over priced services. New Self Sustaining Communities Designed to make life easy and safe... Most rural development projects leave everything we need out of the overall plan. Here at Freedom Projects is the only place on earth that I know of planning for the automatic financial success of large groups of people. Exodus. The Big Escape... Moses and Arron Led the people away from greedy Pharaoh the King they had a plan! The people do not know the plan but I know this... Today their is no plan at all! Go to any city in the USA!  City Hall? No Answers on The Wall... A Smart Plan is the Answer. If 100 people build housing for themselves they would have work for one year each approximately.  Ten they could continue building for years affordable housing for families and even for people who are retired. I calculated that when we include office and work space automatically we also create more jobs than we need. Put simple if 100 people invest $100 per month they can buy $2,000,000 in real estate. The real estate built can employ 200 people and more. Im saying most cities did not include affordable space to start businesses! This is a great mistake! My ideas have been canceled for lack of space till I get to the project... Then Its Going To Be Fun! Imagine Knowing We Can Just Buy Our Way Out! No Traffic and Beautiful Architecture is Our For Just Saying Yes I Want It...

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Knowing How Groups of people can escape debt is Wisdom inside Gods Mind. We can know that wisdom now... The Good News Is. We can do life different like going to a party. Community Development Plans that Free All People from trouble making life easy and safe where no person worries about money.

A TV Show... 5000 people paying $1 per month can buy $1,000,000 worth of real estate. That could be enough land for everyone. 5000 people can stand on 1 acre of land 43,560 sq ft. Each having 8 sq ft of space. They could buy 2 sq miles totaling 1280 acres. Housing 5000 on 1000 acres is easy. A typical Hotel with 500 rooms sits on 2 acres. A square mile of land. 640 Acres... Costs $500,000 in some areas. So 5000 people can pay cash for one sq mile of land that is $100 each person a one time payment. This Information is Reality Based.

One place to escape to is in Arizona... Beautiful Land with evergreen trees Exists. If the 5000 people agree to pay $100 per month for upgrades they can build and or buy $100,000,000 in real estate and put in on the property. They can easily pave miles of roads to get to the land.

$100 per month per person is where Freedom Starts. Based on being able to build for $50 per sq ft $100 per month buys 400 sq ft of space.

Unsafe conditions exist for the single family residential neighborhoods. All residential neighborhoods in most cities on earth are dangerous. Not Self Sustaining is A Common Way to Say It. The Greatest Danger is Computer Failure.

Needing to leave early in the morning and drive in traffic robs us all of our time = life is lost... Most Cities have no self sustaining services The Easy Life is A Self Sustaining Life. Simple Information Easy To Understand Leads Us Away From A Dangerous Situation. It Rescues The People. Gives the Homeless a Home. A Book is Coming

Money Problems. We the people need to work or we lose it all. And Now If the system fails we die, unless we Escape This Great Tragedy and here is the way to escape. Easy to understand form for anyone to read no charge for this info. No confusion here. If we even 20 kids invest $100 per month each they can be set free from the hard life and move into a creative arts barn with a job.

Food First. Guarantee a Self Sustaining Food Supply. The most important thing we the people need is food and water. So when the world ends the people who have a guaranteed food and supply can live on. So Freedom Projects automatically builds hydroponics gardens and fish farms and dairy etc. 100 people X 100 sq ft = 10,000 sq ft = 1/4 acre of hydroponics per 100 persons. 100 sq ft should produce 3 to 4 times what is needed for one person. The extra food is sold banked freeze dried. So when the world ends the idea is to have more food than we need to help feed the people. Warning! If we don't eat life gets creepy fast. It only takes a couple of hours. I figure if we don't eat or drink for a day most of us would be disabled and unable to function.

The Love Of Money Is the Root of All Evil.
Here is how to escape all evil. Even poor people and kids can choose the easy life... We can choose the life that sets Us Free. What life does not set us free? a $150,000 home costs $500,000 in Los Angeles. Is it worth it? A nice landlord cares if we cant make it. Housing that pays for itself.

Landlords double the cost and more... Most don't care if we can afford to pay. But I care. I figure if i'm around people it would be nice if all of them experience peace knowing their homes are easy to pay for. Not needing to drive to work would be nice. Housing with job opportunities. 100 people pay $100 per month each = $10,000  = $2,000,000 in real estate. Today we the people get nothing for starting businesses for almost free.

Faith in The Worlds Way is Causing Big Problems... Faith in doing life for the gain of all the people living in a specific land area. Being out for our own gain is the problem. Fixing the problem is easy. We build a community different and no person ever suffers from debt ever again.

Rules Enforce Respectful Clean Beautiful Affordable Environments. If we live in beauty we feel better. If life is easy and we don't worry about money we feel even better yet! Imagine never worrying about money!

Music is another subject. If we go some place and we don't like the music it wont make us feel good. So heavy metal will be regulated and rap and other forms of music in some places to keep things romantic and feeling good. Some people just pick all the right music that I like. Its rare. But Today I sat hear editing 2/4/2018 in the van in Woodland Hills Calif. And for more than a half hour these beautiful Spanish girls listened to music I liked all of it. So I gave them a speech on affordable housing and told them about free housing for girls. If they listened to ugly music I never would have looked to see who they were. 

Carpenters design and space plan living arrangements for the people. They are often honest and most capable of showing us the best way to build housing. OK Maybe I'm Different. Carpenters are the most important person who get housing built. Carpenters Build Housing...  God put it in his heart to build affordable housing for the people. Many followed the carpenter.

You can't take gold to a store and buy food or to a lumber yard and by wood with it today or tomorrow and for sure no one will need gold when the world ends. But you can invest in tangible assets instead of Gold (Smarter Idea) Investing in Self sustaining service systems and communities. If the world ends and you have access to a self sustaining community then you wont die of starvation. Today if the end comes most people will die in less than one week. Most Big Cities are Not Self Sustaining. This means if the computer fails you will not get food or anything else we need and thus the human race is going to die. Salvation will come to those who survive at the proper elevation away from the Big City. Going On A Permanent Vacation Is The Answer.

Gold will not save any rich man from great troubles when the end comes. Gold does not tarnish so it is useful in electronics being considered very valuable for that use.

John 1:1 In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. The living word came upon John and he cried in the wilderness for the people to come to be baptized by the Holy Spirit of Love.

Wisdom Leads To Love... An Easy Efficient Beautiful Life is Becoming Available to All People. When it Comes The People Will Know God and Will Know The Spirit of Love. 100s Of Square Miles of Land is Available in Arizona... The Easy Life Starts Here... When the people see clearly some easy to understand principles on how life works.

I hate Los Angeles! Its Evil! I'm here to Help get things started to Help The People Escape. To Rescue the People. 

The Spirit that leads Us to the truth does not lead most people. It is easier to understand The Carpenters Mind if You Think Like A Carpenter.

Because The Worlds Way gives the people so much trouble God Judges it first in many situations. Coming to a different conclusion. If all people grow up some place beautiful life would be different... God Heart Is Broken Till We Understand...

If 300 people pay $1000 they can buy a $300,000 restaurant. A Big High Quality Kitchen. A Place To Gather and have fun... $1000 costs $5 per month if paid monthly. This is a good idea because then they could also get their food at cost. Some might call it socialism? But maybe not? Anyway Its a smart idea that saves the people. We share restaurants and if they have lots of people some times it more entertaining... I think today greed ruined everything this is not a greedy idea.

Make Big Profits Buying Selling and Living at A Resort! Page 2 Must come... And while we are on the subject of greed. Here is a greedy way to make money without screwing anyone... When i discovered this I was amazed and i'm still amazed. I saw something that was built for $40,000 sell for $640,000. A resort with only a pool and a dumpy box building for parties. Time Shares Sold by this company sold for $14,500 per week. It was in Sedona maybe 4 acres with 50 units. New 300 sq ft manufactured homes with a 100 sq ft deck... That's it. 50 Units X $100,000 profit is $5,000,000. They may have made $25,000,000... Red Rock Sedona... Im a carpenter so I calculated everything they did $40,000 was high. Now I always thought it would be nice to wholesale a way nicer resort than that. Most Resorts I don't like. Some are to far away! This one is 4 hours from Scottsdale Arizona. Escape Scorching Heat to This Exotic Resort!

Resort Quality Property is what we are selling. The greatest financial gains will come as we sell time shares to an exotic creative arts resort. Merv Griffin made billions and many others who built resorts make billions. 500 units X $100,000 is 50 million. Now If you mark it up to $200,000 that is $100,000,000... $200,000 is $4000 per week of ownership. Anyway selling a much nicer resort than the ugly Sedona Resort I saw sell Is what I always planned. The End For Now... Much of this will be moved to page 2 of easylifestories2

Custom High End Homes! I build high end homes as a high end carpenter. Its the hardest work do as it takes patience and skill most framers don't have... This web site is owned by a construction company... Custom Beverly Hills Homes My Specialty.

Over and Out... Buy Income Housing... Live Life Like A Millionaire... Just Call Me...

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Simple Faith Sets Us Free From Money Worries / Leads To Peace

Here Is How Anyone Can Afford A Guaranteed Quality Life With No Struggle

The Spirit Leads Us To Truth The Truth Sets Us Free... Here is That Truth

10 persons can get together and decide to never be poor again if they have the plan that works. 10 persons paying $100 per mo. can buy $200,000 worth of land or real estate. We are only talking about $100 per month. 20 can buy $400,000 worth of land or real estate. 100 get $2,000,000. 5000 get $100,000,000. 5000 can buy all the land they need for $1 per month.

If a smart builder came along he could just explain what we need to buy so we could go on vacation forever and never worry again. The Corner Stone. Sharing... Why are we afraid to share? We share the roads... Different Designs For Community Living is The Answer.