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This is an opportunity to buy real estate wholesale with no credit check and no qualifying... These units are not built yet and will take 90 to 120  days to complete once all 20 are sold... After they are completed you can upgrade them and do what you want with additions and colors. Mark them up and make a profit... After Completion they should be worth $50,000 as is... This is buying at developers cost...

RV Trailer Car Parking with Creative Arts Living Work Space / Park a collectable car or boat inside... Multi use units live in / work in. Or just use it for storage.

A Guard Gated Project New 420 sq ft work shops $30,000 each plus $5000 for land = $35,000 total / 12 wide X 35 ft deep X 12 ft high ceilings on the inside with private bathroom, shower, mini kitchen this is a pristine price and land deal. Only 20 of these available if you want all of them that's OK... Lets make Money... I want all of these sold yesterday.

This Project Plans to Build 2 Buildings Considered Creative Residential Farm Housing. 10 Units each building. Each building approximately 5000 sq ft each. Flat roof construction with a sky lite maybe 2 for each unit. RV Hook Up Available. Upgrades to units available. Just ask...

400 sq ft multi use living /work space. $30,000. Storing some things outside the building like boats and tools or Motor Homes will also be allowed. This first frugal project includes a bath and shower and mini kitchen in each unit. Space for a Tiny Home Outside The Barn is OK.  If its on a trailer that even better because you can drag it to the lake and make money or enjoy life on the water...

Pay structure 10 units pay $150 = $1500 = $300,000 in real estate. This equals 6000 sq ft at $50 per sq ft = 600 sq ft each. (400 sq ft each private creative residential) (200 sq ft X 10 units = 2000 sq ft for common space, utilities, kitchen, bath, laundry)

10 Units share 1 acre. = $25 per month per unit is what you pay for land... 1 Acre costing $50,000...$5000 per unit.

Safe Interior Type Radiant Heater Included with 50 gallon propane tank in each unit. Solar Panels on the roof for each unit plus the power grid.

This is just the frugal first offer. Gets things rolling. This first frugal project will not include some of the amenities and services as represented in this web site and other projects. Amenities and services will become available on the property later as other projects are built. This is Big Star Farm an Entertainment Company... If you buy real estate from Freedom Projects you need to know we have rules of engagement to protect the quality of life behind the guard gate this will be a guard gated project with restrictions... Family Values is The Best Way To Define The Rules... Live Cameras will be used onsite for investors to watch projects being built from their desks anywhere on earth. So the first frugal units will have the same rules as at Lyman Lake State Park has until the new rules are complete. 

People on The Road... A Rescue Plan. A place to park and shower in Salado Arizona for $45 per year is already available at Lyman Lake Now. This means you can park a trailer on the waters edge for a year for only $45. Then you can use the hot showers and bathrooms. Add that available option to my real estate offers to complete the package.

This Real Estate Offer Comes With A Money Back Guarantee ... If you pay for 2 years and want out that's no problem you would get all of the money back and only lose 5% for insurance.

This Real Estate Deal has been created for anyone who will simply trust this project requires no credit check. A Deed of Trust will be issued by Freedom Projects as an addendum to the typical paper work included in real estate deals. Names of unit owners and location descriptions will be kept at city hall in Saint Johns Arizona.

Water... Well And tank.

Electric... room with meters.

Parking... Road base some asphalt.

Interior Walls... Fire Barrier Walls

Outdoor Storage... Limited... Can Not Make It Ugly... An area will be provided onsite for exterior storage of construction equipment and motor homes etc. Parking a motor home or trailer outside is OK

Road Upgrades... Upgrades to roads and culverts so no body gets stuck in the mud is included.

Creating Jobs Onsite: I am trying to support people who would like to be involved with creative arts media production, custom automotive, or construction type companies expand or get a new business started. People who want to expand a company they are already involved with is nice. After this project is sold other projects will break ground and provide work for people in construction. This is an Entertainment Company... Not a normal real estate deal. Supporting Creative People First...

If your not involved in a creative based business do not worry... Its not the rule... Cooking is considered a creative art and many other forms of community support that onsite workers might need. Painting Hanging drywall, framing, can be learned fast. We will need 100+ workers almost over night... A Growing Community is an Employed Community. Freedom Save Time... Make A Profit and Prosper Easier and Faster. We Will Have a Construction School... Free Housing and Food While Learning. has millions of dollars in projects planned for 50 acres. These first 2 structures will sit on 1 acre each. 48 more acres will be more carefully planned and developed into a self sustaining movie and film location.

This Property over looks a natural spring of water and is within 5 miles of an airport and a lake with perfect cell service... This is high quality property with a canal going through it and beautiful mountain landscapes all around.

Insurance: 5% X 20 Units = 100%... Should 1 or more persons/units want out of this deal for any reason they can get paid back almost over night... This freedom deal is so nice people will already be waiting on a list to take over your payments and make a deal with you or buy your unit should you want out. You can not mark them up and sell them before they are complete... Sorry...

Send a deposit of $500 Care Of Jan Leyba / Number Crunchers (PO Box Coming Soon) in Saint Johns AZ / 20 units X $500 = $10,000 down payment to legal owner of the property.

Call Robert Rowley first. 310-740-0254 or email to

You can not store guns and ammunition on this property. You can not grow weed as your only use of the space. If its legal to grow weed in AZ Salado that's fine but you must have another creative purpose.

You can make additions to the units. Dig a basement under your slab... Add a room and a deck go up one floor. Add a room to the outside of your unit... All units to conform to local fire codes plus our extremely protective fire codes. Sound Proof / Fire Barrier Rooms and Walls... Continued

This is a family based entertainment company. Some approval may be required by the company owners... No art forms that promote evil or hateful behavior will be allowed.

No Promoting. Caffeine Alcohol, Tobacco or Anything Evil! in all public areas where kids might be...

No Promoting or Manufacturing of Weapons or anything intended to promote fear including violent movies or cartoons with evil characters...

Access to property around the structures will be limited: Dirt Bikes can enjoy miles of open space all the way to Lyman Lake... For now most of the landscape has no tumble weeds and other ugly evil bushes like in California. Salado also has no over cast muggy days like in California... Salado has no road noise! Unlike California! If you spend time in Salado Arizona you will not miss Los Angeles! You will be scared to go back! This area is nicer than Malibu California in the Summer. With No Road Noise and No Traffic... No Sticky Salt Air... No Ugly Buildings and Stinky Side Walks... California forgot to install enough public bathrooms so it smells in most public areas...

This picture is where I parked/camped there for years at night while researching the Arizona Area. I helped build custom homes in Show Low Arizona. Ground Up Construction... Everything from framing to finish. I also helped build super custom log cabin homes at Some of the Homes sold as time shares... Gone Fast... Salado is less than 1 hour from the White Mountains... A Huge Arizona Forest... With Rivers and Huge Aspens and pine trees. A Forest Wonderland...

 Buy Here In Salado Arizona Income Real Estate

Salado Arizona The Picture below is from the center of the property looking east.

The sun rises in the center of this picture an amazing clear morning event. This is a 50 acre project. The white car is on Hwy 180 N/S This Property Below Has Perfect Cell Phone Service Unlike Beverly Hills California. This Salado area is pristine clean pink fairytale soils and view property Be smart and buy anything I sell and then we can talk about new creative ideas... A Movie Location / Live Some Place Beautiful Peaceful And Entertaining

Own Property Near Lyman Lake Arizona

On Hwy 180 South of Saint Johns AZ

Another Video is Coming Soon

Salado and The Area Near By A Guard Gated Community

Creative Arts Residential 420 sq ft $250 per month

Farm Land Project

Creative Arts Residential Farm Land Project

Residential Work Shops With Private Bath/Shower

$35,000 Dollars This Super Deal Won't Last
12 wide X 35 ft deep X 12 ft high ceilings

$1000 Down   $250 per mo. no credit check. This offer comes with a money back guarantee... Back out any time and get your money back no questions asked for up to 4 years...

Call Robert CA Cell 310-740-0254

Common access hallways and shared space. kitchen, mail room dining fireplace entry and interior hallway to get to the units from a main inside residential type entry... A Common Residential Home Entry... Some upgrades to structures to come after completion of the project as ongoing additions... Continued...