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9 25 2017 Notes Robert Rowley My top concern always is how many do not know Jesus Christ and what he believes in. His faith saves us from the worlds way. We can have his faith and be saved from most problems including poverty. Gods Top Concern is how to get started on rescuing the people. So I bought ----

Self sustaining communities. Communities that do not need phones or computers to feed the people. Not needing phones and computers is essential to saving the human race from death. I hate this reality. Billions will die of starvation on earth when the computer system fails. Before computers the money system could not fail as easily. Now if the power goes out or the computers go down the stores cant sell us anything. That day is coming and that is how the world will end. Famine. This is the greatest danger to the people on earth. Everyone depends on the computer system to buy food. The food comes from far away. When the system goes down and it will the stores wont sell us food and most will die. FreedomProjects.Org was created to solve this big dangerous problem. Self sustaining communities. Communities that do not need phones or computers to feed the people.

If 5000 people pay $10 per month they can own land to build housing. The Plan is Here... 5000 X $10 = $50,000 per month. This amount of money is all that is needed to get things started. If half of the $50,000 is spent on land with upgrades it buys $5,000,000 in land with upgrades like roads and wells for water. Some places cost $500,000 for one square mile so the company could buy 2 square miles and include $4,000,000 in upgrades so it could be usable and prepared for development. Of the $50,000 per month 1/2 = $25,000 per month can pay for labor and office expenses to run the company the other 1/2 = $25,000 can be used to buy land and prepare if for use... This is the simple way to say it... In Canoga Park California over 12,000 people live on each square mile. So buying 2 square miles for 5000 people is plenty of land. / FreedomProject.TV

If 5000 people pay $1 per month they can buy $1,000,000 One Million In Real Estate... So if the 5000 people pay $50 per month after they buy land they can then buy $50,000,000 That Is 50 Million In Real Estate. That is enough money to buy housing and work space with businesses included. A Smart Developer can design a community so all the people have jobs... Starting with fish farms and hydroponics farming and dairy and chickens. Construction Jobs would be abundant as the new community would need housing for 5000 plus more for community growth.

He is The Way The Truth and The Life. A Popular Carpenter named Jesus Christ came up with the idea long ago and so thousands of people followed him. He was so popular Caesar and Herod got rid of him because they lost they knew they would lose it all. Today Caesar and Herod's Governments have too many customers so we can leave without causing them trouble. Today giving thousands of people the answer to where to go to find the easy life will take the pressure off the Government. A) The Way To Build a Community so Life is Easy / B) The Truth About Money Shows How The Easy Life Can Be Affordable. C) Easy To Understand information is used to build communities that provide the abundant life to thousands... This information came through Jesus Christ First. Believing in Systems That Save The People is The Best Way to Please God... We The People, All People Need Food First Then Housing... 

The Spirit Leads Us To The Truth / (When and Where The Truth Is Able To Be Used) The Truth Sets Us Free.

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We The People Can Choose The Abundant Life

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Affordable Housing with Jobs and Onsite Farm Projects