Easy Affordable Financial Freedom
Smart Planning Saves Us Money and Time Lets Us Live In Beauty

The Traffic Circle Shows How Traffic Lights Can Be Eliminated. These Solve More Than One Problem. New Cities and Communities will Use Traffic Circles... Simple and Affordable... Saves Time...

Promoting Productive Supportive Community Development.
Communities can give Us Freedom from most problems we the people suffer.

Simple math shows Us how we can buy everything we need and own a place to live where unemployment is canceled out. All people can have jobs. By building a new type of community where work space and companies like wood shops come built in. Supportive Communities where the people do not suffer economic problems, this is possible.

The proper way to live as a community solves most problems. Life can be easy... Life will be easy for those who understand how it can be. Breakfast Easy and Healthy for almost free. Room Service... Everything we need like water and food can be easy to access... Since we eat and drink more than 3 times per day it would be nice if it was the easiest thing we do. Efficient Easy High Quality.

Freedom from needing a Car and Driving In Traffic, (Jobs Near Housing)
Freedom From Doing Dishes, Shopping For Food, Cooking.
Freedom From Sitting At Red Lights. (Traffic Circles) Eliminate Red Lights,
Freedom From Confusion Like (How Do I Find A Life?)...
Freedom From Money Worries... Life Can Be So Affordable.

Freedom. (First Time Home Buyer Freedom) If 100 Persons/Kids Spend $100 Per Month (3.30 Per Day) They Can Buy $2,000,000 In Real Estate. Alone We Cant Buy Any Real Estate for $100 Per Mo. But Together We Can Buy Enough Land And Real Estate To Live And Work At With No Struggle. Low Rent Makes Life Easy. And This Is How To Get The Lowest Rent Possible..

If 100 persons spend $100 per month they can buy freedom. If they know what to build and where to build... Most Cities now claim the real estate is worth more. A $800,000 home is 2000 sq ft and cost $150,000 to rebuild the same quality... The Appraisers and Banks and Land Owners all agree in the high cost of real estate I think because of traffic alone the land is ruined... Pay 5 times more and live in hell on earth... Im saying that here at Freedom Projects we can get 4 to 5 times more real estate where there is no traffic and where finding a job is easy... Plus we get to live in beauty. Here we get the easy life in beauty land. No road noise etc... Also noisy gardening tools are not allowed to be used on the property. (Probably Never!)


There is Financial Freedom A Rich Man Knows. He Has More Than Enough Money Than He Needs to buy expensive things and does not worry about paying. Lets Say he pays $20,000 Per Month For His $4M Home. He Has Got A Cash Flow... This web site shows rich people how to invest. How To Make Millions Helping People. How To Make 100% APR On Investments...

There is Easy Financial Freedom A Poor Man Could Know He Has More Than Enough Money Than He Needs to buy living and work space when he buys with a group of 100 persons and does not need to worry about paying. Because when 100 persons pay $200 Per Month. They can all live in a  $4M mansion with 100 bedrooms and have beautiful places to work.

Live In A Beautiful Community With No Money Worries? Many of us need it. Life Can Be Almost Free Compared To City Life. Life Can Also Be Very Simple Giving Us Our Time Back...

Efficient High Production Service Systems... Save Us time giving Us our Life back.

Looking at this from a Development Standpoint I can see how many problems can be solved and how many things are easy to afford for the people if I build large structures with 100 bedrooms for example. showing people how things can be affordable makes it more believable.

Usually in most neighborhoods there are no job opportunities built in. In most cities there is no person master planning projects that work to help the people get what they need to succeed and provide jobs. Im saying most master planned communities are not master planned at all... Now if I say I can provide work space and job opportunities for everyone moving into a community that is a bold statement that might confuse most people. But consider this no city is built with any consideration of where the people will work or what sort of jobs they might have. And life goes on anyway with economic chaos and mass traffic being some of the evil problems created because the Governments let the developers build neighborhoods with no amenities and no job opportunities. My plans to build in work space and tools will provide jobs for more people than live there. If I have 400 sq ft of work space for $100 per month I can hire helpers providing a job for me and other people. My development plans eliminate most problems.

A Homeless Rescue Project is Coming... I think ending up on the streets homeless is a form of high level evil. A form of terrorism. I now consider The (Worlds) American Way is Way Worse Than Any Illegal Drug on Earth. We are forced to use a stupid disrespectful system that causes poverty. Any Illegal Drug you can quit! I'm also saying that my business plans rescue me and many other nice creative people. I also believe that if all people grow up in a nice living environment with opportunities they wont have or be a problem to anyone.

Land Perfect for A Self Sustaining Project... Self Sustaining? Many companies will be built in so we can manufacture everything a community needs. Food Production More Than The Community Needs is Important. Making a whole city self sustaining is important.

My plans guarantee financial success and guarantee the people will live in luxury for almost free. No Person or Company Has A Better Idea... No Land is More Suitable For A new type of project that guarantees we can live in beauty and have access to affordable entertainment and services so life is easy and fun for everyone not just one rich man on the hill

In Arizona. We have Hwy Frontage to sell and build commercial projects to create employment. We have land off the hwy for housing we have land perfect for creating a place where the people can simply just move there and excel and prosper.

Providing work space to creative people is the best way to create new jobs. Ending unemployment by creating jobs that provide the services and products the community needs... Building windows and doors onsite for example. Building products to sell to local cities and to ship world wide. Balancing growth of community populations with everything else we all need. When communities grow so should the opportunities and access to quality essential services...

Balancing community growth so life stays easy. Knowing where your kids will move to and what they will have access to at 18 years of age is important. If you move to a Big City as a kid out of High School you will struggle most of them forever... Big Cities are not building affordable housing for kids or anyone else.

Moving Away from the Big City is a Safer Choice...

 True Freedom... The Real Truth Sets Us Free...

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