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A Homeless Rescue Project Is Not Being Ignored

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We are buying a new website the host for this site is the worst on earth

and the architect is starting on the plans for affordable housing projects

There is no location for Nothing was ever built by this company. Mistakes made on the paperwork for the escrow file for land bought South of Saint Johns AZ.  All mistakes are considered innocent errors

Job Opportunities Coming soon. Sustainable Rechargeable Interior Lighting Systems.  Hydrogen Powered Refrigerators.. Saint Johns Airport AZ. Hangers and Companies in The Planning Stage.

Escape The Hard Life Forever. Financial Freedom Can Be Guaranteed. Simple stories reveal how we can have it all for almost free. For rich and for poor people this web site intends to be the top source for ways to escape trouble and improve the quality of life for all people. 

Saint Johns Lyman Lake Report. The 36 acre project planned near Lyman Lake is on hold because the Title Company in 2006 made mistakes on almost every page and it caused a problem that will take maybe another 2 years to fix. Other projects are planned in the area. Saint Johns City Hall Recorded that $10 was paid to the seller at the close of escrow when the truth is $19,000 was paid, a copy of the receipt will appear on a dedicated page with a link to the left. More than one person believes that we did not pay for the land and that caused several problems. Please don't worry because we already have hundreds of acres paid for in Saint Johns and we have access to square miles ( 640 Acres) of land from other sources. 

This Company Freedom Projects decided to start on a smaller project first near Show Low Airport in Arizona and we also decided that being closer to Wal Mart and Home Depot was a good idea because Saint Johns Arizona has no Market or material suppliers. A Project near Show Low AZ. will be be easier to start from that office we will get set up for larger projects in other areas. Some project locations will be secret until after they break ground only people involved will know. A Project in Saint Johns will be worked on at the same time and projects are planned for all areas of the USA. Millions of jobs will become available and life will become easier safer and more entertaining for all people.

Business Plans Guaranteed to Improve Security and The Quality of Life For All People in The USA and Beyond. Affordable High Quality and Luxury Housing With Jobs.

It Has Become Extremely Difficult in the USA. 

$1000 per month pays for everything. For people on social security a housing project with cooking and shopping service includes food and utilities to make it easy for people who retire on a fixed budget. 

Investment Opportunities coming. Guaranteed High APR Gains


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