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Here at Freedom Projects Financial Freedom is Guaranteed and Easy 

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Over 7 Billion people on earth most will die when the phones www and gps fail

Jesus Christ said it would be like in the days of Noah. Noah did not save many humans


Escape To The Easy Life 

Project One Elevation 6500 in Saint Johns Arizona

This Project Has Power and Cell Service 

The Project is 45 Minutes from The Wal-Mart and

Home Depot Stores in Show Low Arizona

Other Projects in More Areas Are Planned ASAP

Simple Wisdom Shows Us We Can Easily Afford Everything We Need to Save Us From Most Problems. Jobs with Affordable Luxury Housing.  Sustainable Communities with Built in Everything The People Need. Every Service Affordable Elegant and Easy. 

Smart Business Plans Guarantee the success of everyone using them. Being out for our own gain (Is a One Person Business Plan) one person plans lead to business and or economic failure most of the time because all alone one person spending $100 per month has no power to pay for big real estate purchases like an Apartment complex, hotel, business or land. 100 person business plans paying $100 per month =  $10,000 This cash flow allows 100 people to easily pay for $2,000,000 in real estate for only $100 per month per person. 

In some cases a group of people in business together might be required to have SCC Approval.  Its an investment rule.  Groups of People Investing to make a profit on real Estate must be small like 20 or less. Large Investment Groups are Regulated  by the Gov. Building for use or freedom is different. We can think 2 ways when building we can build real estate for a profit or we can build real estate for freedom. To Save or Make Us Time and Money. 

2 million spent per 100 persons on properly designed businesses with high quality services for $100 per month can easily fix everything wrong within a typical community.  Starting with 

It is considered smart to invest more than $100 per month to get what we need and even a kid can easily buy real estate. Canoga Park has 65,000 people if each one paid $1 per month they could buy $13,000,000 in real estate. This simple story shows us that the builders of Canoga Park spent less than $1 per month on real estate for the people. This is a big mistake to have no place to start businesses or get affordable services. For $10 each Canoga Park can buy over one billion in real estate. Not a suggestion because the elevation is wrong to save the people. The Sun will scorch the earth near the end we are instructed to leave and live in higher elevations. 

The easy life can be easy to get, in a new communities built different! not old cities already built! For most cities on earth, The Hard Life is Guaranteed for most people. In The USA the general public did not even get public toilets, this would be considered the first important amenity for security reasons. Nothing outside of our homes can be used to make life easier or to guarantee we get what we need. Simple Math Proves Many Things. In Canoga Park CA. The people got less than $5,000,000 in real estate they can use to provide for or to improve life. 

For $100 per month 100 people get $2,000,000 in land and real estate. Spent properly 100 people can guarantee financial success job opportunities and places to build. The Way We Design Communities Can Save Us From Most Problems. 

The Good News is new communities built different can make life easy and guarantee jobs and financial freedom for everyone. Building a prototype of a sustainable community that makes life easy is our top project. 2 Prototypes One Girl and One Boy Kingdom. Jesus Christ wants this event that requires 2 kingdoms and this would be the first of many more. Imagine a Fortress where no kids or animals can escape the inside. One for Boys One for Girls. Each Kingdom must represent the gender in color and manufacturing and architectural design completely two different worlds. 

1) The most important thing to do everyday is to eat healthy food and to drink more water than we lose per day. A recipe of Fish Celery and Complex Carbohydrates heals and energizes the body better than any food we could choose to eat. The recipe I will describe in more detail heals the body of serious problems in one day. You or a loved one can be on their death bed and be fine the next day. When we are sick getting well becomes top priority.

Easy To Pay For Residential Housing

Guaranteed Job Opportunities. Most Job Types Will Be Available Close to Home. Most Companies Will Be Quality Built

Smart Community Designs Give Us 10 Times More Value in Real Estate. And More Time To Enjoy Life. This Is The Good News. We The People Can Escape To A Supportive Land Area Where Financial Freedom Is Guaranteed. Because of this web site! Escape Gated Creative Arts Residential Real Estate.

Sustainable Communities 

Save Us From The End of The World.

Girls need men to lead the way. Also girls need to understand the simple wisdom that sets Us free. Why do I mention girls? Almost everywhere we look outside everything built is the work of men. Girls have less job opportunities than men so we provide free entry level housing for girls automatically. Boy Tax $100 per month. For every boy we hire a girl gets a room. We need 1000 boy workers asap...

Many Freedom Project Plans Automatically. Lease and Rent Space for Vacations and Events. Community Owned Work Shops Manufacture and Sell Products Including Food. Community Economic Systems Guarantee Financial Freedom by Paying off Real Estate From Community Generated Income Sources. Food Sources must be sustainable and basic feeding must be free. Upgrades to basic feeding programs might cost more depending. 


Easy Financial Freedom Is Something 

That Can Be Learned In 5 Minutes 

The Truth That Sets Us free

Smart Caring Economics Is What We Deserve

Learn It Live It. The Smart Way Is Gods Way.

The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil

A Different Way (System) Saves Us From All Evil

Evil Economics Is What We Got In Los Angeles

Being Out For Our Own Gain Promotes Failure

Smart Community Designs Guarantee Success

I Am a Genius. The Good Genius

 I Am the One Jesus Christ Trusts

I Decided That The People Need To 

Know Me For My Creative Talents First

 I Decided To Customize My Van To Show My Creativity

People Everywhere I Drove Smiled And Took Pictures

Everywhere I Went I Had Friends Talking To Me

I Only Had 10 Percent Of The Van Started Then 

I Realized This Idea Is An Advertising Fluke For Local Marketing

I Helped Build The Hard Drives For The First Computers On Earth

Approximately 1979 In WH. CA. Forro Precision 

The Management Marveled Over My Abilities 

I Have Talents Everyone Needs The Cutest Girls On Earth

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