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Affordable Sustainable Safe and Easy Multi Family Communities

Simple to understand. The Truth That Sets Us Free. The Corner Stone

Work From Home. The Cute Creative Video Above Shows A Group of People Building Their Own Home as Their Job. A Company With A Plan

The Truth That Sets Us Free Saves Us from money problems and the hard life. Simple Math Based Truth Shows Us how most things we need like real estate and land could be very affordable. 

The Way of Building a  Community that could save the people from poverty and the hard life automatically is based on the principle that we get way more in value when large numbers of people are paying for something. Simple Math proves how we can easily afford to pay for everything we want and need.  When 5000 people pay $100 per month together they can buy $100,000,000 in real estate.

When 5000 people pay $1 One Dollar per month together they can buy $1,000,000 in Real Estate.  A Square Mile is more land than 5000 people need and is still available in some places for less than one million dollars.  So This Story Proves That 5000 people paying together can buy a square mile of land for $1 One Dollar Per Month Per Person. I plan to search East of Show Low Soon. 

Land Going Somewhere
Below a Synopsis of Community Improvements With Cost Estimates 
Per 5000 People.  Spending $100 Each Per Month A Master Planned 
Sustainable Community $100,000,000 Budget to Spend. The Outline 
What should we put on the land to guarantee we get what we need?

Community Restaurant and Market $3 
Bakery Cooking Company Hydroponics Gardens $2
Dairy $1 
Road Improvements. $3
Electrical Upgrades $2
Water Systems $2 Wells Tank Pipes to Build Sites
Sewage Treatment Systems $3
Pro Auto Shop $1
Fish Farm Indoor Tanks $2
Kids Town and 24 Hour Childcare Services $1 Continued on a new dedicated page. 

640 Acres with $100,000,000 In Improvements. $100 Down and $100 per month. Suitable for 5000 people to jump start a working community. 

Real Estate Going Somewhere. Raw Land. When we buy it. The truth is that nothing has happened to change it much in thousands of years. You can buy raw land and watch nothing happen for a very long time. 20 years pass and still no growth land value stays the same and sometimes it is worth less than you paid. 

The Truth That Sets Us Free. If a builder calculates the many things we the people need and includes affordable services like cooking service it makes life safer saves everyone time.  Saving the people time and money in a sustainable format is the way that saves. Since we eat 3 times per day it should be the easiest thing we do. Perfecting The Way to Provide Affordable Quality Food and Cooking Services For Multi Family Communities.

The Worlds Way Does not provide for affordable housing options with affordable food and cooking services considered to be the 2 most important things about life everyone needs first. Providing Affordable Housing and Food is the foundation and starting point for canceling poverty and making life affordable and safe. 

The Worlds Ways. Single Family Residential. Apartments, Condos Town Homes. Hotels. All The Worlds Ways we are using in the USA are Depending on Local Restaurants and Markets. The Way That Saves would include farm operations, food production, cooking service, community restaurant. Food at the lowest cost possible. Sustainable food supplies from community owned sources. 

Shared Luxury The Foundation For The Way That Saves. It is very important to understand that Shared Luxury is Not Something we should fear. A Community Owned Food Manufacturing Company With A Fancy Restaurant could easily be nicer than any big city has. 

The Bible States. The Spirit Leads Us To The Truth and The Truth Sets Us Free. For sure being set free is not easy. For sure It Requires specific ways of building communities we live in to Set Us Free. Providing for the people at many levels of life. Starting with Housing for singles.  Quality Community Guidelines. From super affordable entry level to nice places the rich would love to own.

I am the writer for Freedom Projects I can't do everything needed on my own I don't know where to start. Writing about it caused me to be optimistic but recently I realized I might never succeed at building a better place to live. Safer and easier for the people.

The place to build (I don't know where) and the community design comes first. Plans the construction companies need. The Blue Prints. Cost more money than I ever had. People with money must get involved or I can't see the end of my worries. If the rich worried about how nothing is sustainable and if they get involved paying for the things we need and if they could help us find the land area that could work out. That seems to be the place to start. 

As for now I worry more than ever that many of the rich people who tried to help me, thought I was rich already. I always felt vulnerable and didn't want the people reading this site to know I lived in my Tool Box Van in Ugly Poverty. The construction industry screwed me. Construction workers have extreme overhead and I never made $5 per hour over my expenses.  When I worked on Brad Pitts and Jennifer Anniston's home in Belaire and Mark Wahlberg's Place in Beverly Hills I was hired for $23 per hour by Silverstrand Millwork owned by Dave my old friend, we lived in Malibu on 4 Acres with horses avocado orchard. My Custom Millwork Shop on the property in the mountains I made custom moldings for custom home builders. I was 30 years old in 1987 I made some money way back then and supplied curved wood moldings and custom moldings for very expensive homes.

The most any construction company paid finish carpenters from the 70s and even now is $25 per hour. One Co Paid me $30 I worked in Malibu. I never had money to buy all the tools needed and never figured it out, I just wondered why I didn't have a life.  Several Movie Stars and Military people tried to help by coming around the places I worked. Some of them tried to help by bringing me a girl friend. I was the President of and hired 100 important people to help me rule the new city. Johnny Depp and Cameron brought me a girl I saw online I was working in Hollywood. I was to busy to notice what was happening and went back to work. I wish they believed in phones I would have told them. I live in an astro van with a big ugly dent. 

Often Times Military families hired me to work on their homes. They paid me from their own bank accounts as far as I know non of them get money from the Government but in fact have regular jobs. I never charged enough for my construction labor and never had money for a place to live or a girl friend. The general public is not happy or willing to pay us $65 per hour and the outcome of most jobs is very unpredictable with unskilled home owners becoming instant general contractors just because they bought real estate. Fix and Flip Activists can be our worst nightmare because they often times think its easy and we are taking too long. Some of them never pay us and we have no protection when that happens.  

In 2022 one man told me he didn't have money and he owed me $1500. I could see how scared he was. I was already in trouble financially. He acted like he was rich as he gave me many things to work on. I even worked Christmas Eve and never got paid. He was not the only person who did not pay. Some customers never intend to pay from the start and are very disrespectful. A man in Bell Canyon Paid me $100 for 20 hours of labor after I calculated a 10 hour job he added more to the scope of work and was very disrespectful the way he talked to me. Getting angry is not what I did for fear of getting in trouble. I left his job in shock and worried about being in the business.  Many times I would walk off jobs when I was owed money to escape possible trouble. 

Working on this website was another thing I never got paid for. 

Doing environmental inspections and reports for California was another unpaid very uncomfortable job as I discovered what killed a very large area of the Pacific Ocean and eliminated most plant life and creatures on the Beaches of Malibu Santa Monica, Santa Barbara and beyond. Sewage Treatment Facilities made a huge mistake and it seems like it might never stop. The Water in Malibu at the wildlife preserve is a pond from reclaimed water. No life in the pond is the truth. No snails or insects and even the algae seems like it can't grow.  It is not a wildlife preserve at all and over flows into Malibu Bay. 

Freedom Projects was created to save me from struggling and the hard life and the more people who pay the easier it gets.


The Truth That Sets Us Free

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