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Magnetism Will Solve Most Problems On Earth 

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This page is intended to be used to show Mark Wahlberg how I was going to pay him $5M Per Year average on a 5 year business plan totaling $25M. He would not be required to do much and could watch it happen from his home in CA. 

A State of Emergency Should be Declared in California. But if too many people worry it doesn't help things along. The ocean has a difficult problem to solve please keep it positive. Some concerned government employees are waiting for me to represent designs for new sewage treatment systems for the State of California. I have worked for free for the people and never got paid so please don't judge me the writer Robert Rowley. I worried hard enough with Jesus Christ and lucky for the people of California I spoke in front of a camera and told The LAPD. A group of people are getting ready to start a war. The LAPD Highway Patrol and Zombie Outbreak Response Team I parked next to their van when I gave the report and I was wearing a mask and never told them who I was. The Zombie Team they claim to be volunteers helping the people with unexpected emergencies and other problems. Other agencies may have responded but I was too worried and left California I was not their when the war got canceled the next day maybe? Cement covered iron pipes able to stop 50 caliber bullets had been delivered to the beach in California they planned to take over this small town and beach first. 

I now worry that I was the only man who knew the details of the war plans. I won't talk much more about it. Partly The War was an evil plan to end the fear of who is going to get arrested. Many people blaming each other including a foreign country involved with designing the systems I told them consider it an accident and started to outline a plan to upgrade the ways we treat sewage and to not send it to El Segundo. The war would have stopped the people from using the system. I suggested the guilty are dead this cover up started long ago. We are working on new systems. In 1970s hermit crabs of many colors and plant life including star fish could be seen on the rocks in Malibu CA.. Today hermit crabs are brown if you can find them. Almost nothing exists brown poop everywhere. 

This letter is for Mark Wahlberg Only. But anyone can read it. I am a Genius and know how to get important things done. Things everyone needs. For Security Reasons we must act fast and carefully or we might get bombed or killed for killing the Ocean. God recommends that we escape before we die. Your home wont be worth ten cents in the not to distant future if we can not fix a huge problem The Government Created in California. 

Dear Mark Wahlberg. Please don't ignore me or you will die an evil frustrating death and I don't want that to happen. I'm trying to save your life and convince you to participate in figuring out how to fix a very deadly mistake The California Department of Public Works is Responsible for.  

Sea Weed and kelp can no longer be seen floating on top of the water as you drive along the Pacific Coast. The Chemicals that killed the vegetation in the Ocean killed most other things like The Pacific Mole Crab. I never needed to dig to see if the crabs were in the sand. I could see the tails sticking out of the sand my whole life and always would dig up a hand full and get 10 of them. For sure the sand had Billions of Mole Crabs. Today they seem to be 100% exterminated. The health of the Pacific Ocean is Tragic. 

Sewage treatment facilities have poisoned the coast of California. And have killed many things. The Poison is in the Air continuing to exterminate every insect. 2021 might be the last year we see insects in America in many places. I have seen one typical house fly this year. The Spider was last seen in 2020. 

The people lied about being able to reclaim water and pumped sewage into the Pacific now its killing everything including insects. Lizards. Frogs. Star Fish. Crabs. And Now The Humans are for sure getting sick from the chemicals in the air. 

Huge Developments have been going up everywhere in California. They should not be able to sell or lease them because the plumbing system in California has failed mostly because of Liars. DPW. I read that they process 400,000,000 gallons per day. Reclaimed Water with chemicals evaporate into the air and has killed most flying insects over 10 years ago. 

The Government would need to Act like a Dictator and immediately start construction on septic systems and tell all developers they must be able to handle their own sewage under ground leach fields only. After calculating what would need to be done. Running for another place to live on Earth is a much smarter idea. 

A man in Malibu stuck his head in my van. He said everything is on the mend as I complained about the death of the spiders in Malibu. This man asked me so have you been to the VA lately? I said no I stay employed I don't need the VA. People in the Government would not be safe if it was easy to know who they are. So I always take an opportunity to pretend I'm with the Government and God does also. I'm always working for the Government in their homes. So this man was in the Army and he bragged about how He bought 2 acres in Palmdale Lancaster. He pays $100 per year to get water to haul it. I thought he is pathetic to brag about his achievements. Compared to who I am and my plans for the people. He helped the sewage treatment specialists make their big mistake and the system they created has already killed everything in the Ocean and every insect. The list is long. The butterfly is gone forever. This Army man said in 2005 a construction company finished the new system because the septic tanks leaked into the Ocean. They rusted out. And now all the sewage gets pumped up hill to this pond. He told me I don't need to worry. He is probably just blind and dangerous. In 2018 the Ocean was OK. I'm not sure but I don't think he is a Construction Genius. It takes 100s of jobs to get good at something. Military ID. Gets them jobs not experience the ID doesn't mean they are in the Military or that they have special training to do a specific job. He is either trying to kill everyone or he is blind. Why was this man and I in Malibu on the same day I am freaking out about the death of every living thing except some birds and the humans and animals are doing OK. He might not be aware. The reclaimed water does not support any type of life.  In Malibu they act like they have done a good thing. The reclaimed water has nothing alive in it. No snails. No swimming insects. No plant life. Nothing is able to live in this water. And yet they still claim to be creating a safe place for wild life. I don't think fish could live for one day in the reclaimed water. 

This mistake can not continue! It only gets worse every year. 

it has scared me greatly to become aware of many things most people do not notice. For Jesus Christ does not use words to communicate so far with me only his wife uses words. He just has a thought and lets me know what is wrong. He is very capable of high level communication. I have worked for Government Employees on a very personal level for many years in their homes as a handyman. Some have kids. I complained that the people don't have bathrooms!. The National Guard hired me to build bathrooms. They put portable toilets on PCH. Etc. Marines. Army. Police. Sheriff. National Guard. Some how many of Us might be connected by Gods mind. 

A War of a Strange Nature may have been stopped. The Mayor of a town in AZ. Called 911 said the Spanish moved in to the city. I just ran from California. The Police and some other people got Home Depot cleared out of what looked like the Spanish were going to start a War to move the border and the Army stopped DPW. I was not the only one scared. I listen to the voices they have lied for years and want to kill Us. I called 911 and many things got canceled. This job of communicating has become mine as a servant of God. 

The American Way. Is The Worlds Way. The Love Of Money is The Root of All Evil. California Has an Evil Problem. I lived in Malibu 34 years ago as they took Us off septic for no good reason at all. On 5 acres one toilet. How stupid of an idea. Life has been changed forever. I saw 2 round bugs in Chatsworth. They roll up into a ball. We still have a chance to help some of the bugs survive otherwise they wont exist. I drove from California to Arizona and back. Not one bug hit the window. 

Zombie Outbreak Response Team? A Van Parked next to me I got pictures. These people are concerned citizens that somehow happened to connect with me and this creepy moment and figured out that we needed to stop what appeared to be an Army of people high on meth getting ready to close streets and preparing to kill Us. I worried for weeks about them starting the sewage project in Playa Del Rey. That some idiots were going to start a war! I'm not alone! Some people were racing to close streets in many places, I complained at Ralphs super Market because a man asked me a strange question at the check out counter. I said it looks like a war is going to start. I explained the Police and other task force personnel responded. Construction projects that scared me got canceled nothing they were doing made sense and the hatred and confusion and judgements in the air. I'm not guilty. These people are not taking over this State of California. Now ?

Mark Wahlberg. Said to me in Heaven come by the Guard shack. I hope he talks to me about important things we need to change or create so we can escape Evil. A Bullet Proof Home. Smart Safe Planning Will Go Farther. Beverly Hills? I won't be in California to Help Out when the World Ends. Not Recommended By God.

When You See The Abomination of Desolation as Spoken of By Daniel The Prophet Flea to the Mountains. That is also not recommended by me unless the Mountain is prepared. 

Revelations. Babylon The Great is Falling. Come Out Of Her My People. So You Do Not Partake Of Her Plagues. 

The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil. A Different Economic System Saves Us From All Evil. This Is The Good News. 

The Plumbing System in California has Failed! 

I might be wrong but it seems like A Chemical Genius Group and The Sewage Treatment people learned how to slurry the poop soup and keep it moving, not removing solid matter but rather pumping it into the Ocean. If we can not see where they remove solid waste matter then they probably pump it out into the Ocean. Some group of people need to be honest to our investigation Department. How does this system work. This is not a mistake this is a long term cover up that should have been stopped 15 years ago. Now it looks too late. 

www.OurBigMovie.com A Movie Series. We can pay Mark for the loss of his home and start building a new one another place on Earth. Generators that run on magnetism are simple to build. These system will save Us. Land. We Can Bring Power With Us. 

The Ocean is Dying Because of Us the people using the sewage treatment system. Lets not deny that the death of system is a good way to save the Earth. The people killing the ocean need to be stopped is someone's opinion. 

People Working For DPW. Must know that this is the end of their ability to cover up a big lie. This Facility in El Segundo is possibly the biggest trouble maker polluter on Earth. Doing Fatal Damage To The Ocean.