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United States Quality Control  Management Department

Quality Control of Products Bought and Systems Used by The General Public

I am an Amazing Man some of the people I have worked for are amazing. When I was 20 years old my boss was Joe Murphy the Biggest Concert Promoter on Earth. I was working for Fleetwood Mac. Then  it was Bette Midlers home they let me decide on most designs wood types and finishes. I worked for the first company on earth building the first computers and the management marveled over me and my ability to improve the quality and efficiency of mass production operations.

 A Master Craftsman becomes very professional at paying attention to 

US-QCMD List of Services to Improve Security and Upgrade the Quality of Life. For every idea to reform the ways we live and to change the systems we are served by there comes a story to support the new regulation and the reasons why the change was approved and authorized and why the new law was written.  A few of the True story's that inform and remind Us of things that went wrong are included.

Environmental Inspections. The EPA can claim to be there for Us and keep doing whatever they do and for sure they are not aware of how many things have gone wrong and what needs to be fixed. Do they have an office? Where are they? Its dangerous to believe in something that does not exist Consider this the fortified supercharged EPA if you want to. It is extremely disturbing to see how many things have changed and how the people did not notice most of it until it was too late. It would probably take over 100 years to fix the damage to the Pacific Ocean as just one Big Problem Los Angeles and The USA has.  The death of over 99% of most insects in some areas was not the work of the exterminator.  Airborne Chemicals is obviously the problem. 

Consumable Products Content Testing Locations. 

Sewage Treatment Systems. Story 1) The Ocean and some of the Lakes and Rivers 

Soap Testing New Regulations

Packaging of products sold to the general public, specifically the photography and written Information on products sold. New guidelines and approval of how the products are represented and what information is included to be regulated by the US-QCMD. 

Social Services and Mental Health Locations. 

Public Bathrooms

Auto Manufacturers and Approval of Parts Designed For Cars. Fuel Pumps inside the ga tank is not OK.  

Future Auto Sales Sold me a Van and God warned me that someone was planning on stealing the van and got keys from the car dealer. It has been recognized that dealers of vehicles or people working for them steal vehicles after we buy them. I asked the dealer if they had a key and a remote control they said no. But after 2 years a girl jumped into my van with the key in her hand. A plumber fills his brand new van with tools and parts. 2 day goes by and the van was gone out of his driveway. For sure the dealer or  employees of the dealer or cleaning crew was responsible. 

Title Companies Used For Real Estate Purchases all do it different with no Government Regulations or Guidelines to go by. ASAP Title Companies will be required to use generic forms approved by the US-QCMD. They will still be allowed to use some of the forms they create but it will be limited and those forms will need to be approved also.  

I trusted title  companies and never took notice of the paperwork process or what was in my files. The first time I looked at one of my real estate escrow files I realized that every page was missing important information and not one page was accurate. My escrow file does not prove that I own land in this case raw undeveloped land.