The way that saves easy financial freedom for 5000 people 100 people and 20 people projects. Easier to afford a nice life. 

5000 can buy land with a growing community and services ready to build their housing starting at $100 per month. $100 per month includes dorm housing and land prepared to build housing for the people. Actual Housing for the people is extra. For $100 per month The People can get land and real estate and a plan to build a quality community.

5000 people paying together get $100,000,000 in real estate for $100 per month.

100 people projects get $2 Million in upgrades for $100 per month. 

20 person projects can share million dollar mansions starting at $500 per month. 

The most important service is cooking service. Considered the best way to save everyone time and money. Not needing to shop for food or cooking food. Many wealthy people hire employees to shop and cook. When I worked on Bette Midlers home in Belaire she had a house keeper and an office girl. Mary did the house keeping and cooking. I designed custom built in furniture for under the stairs old world craftsmanship in her driveway behind her 12 cylinder Jaguar. I also remember Bette Midler explaining that 110,000 people are here today at a concert just before she sang the song the Rose. 110,000 people! I never forgot, for all I knew it was 10,000 people I was surprised. And the man that got me the job working for Bette was the biggest concert promoter on earth at the time. Joe Murphy. He  put on the California Jam and too many people died he was not happy about the death tole. Joe was my boss as I worked for Fleetwood Mac. Lindsay Buckinghams house. 

Building The Community. The List of Things To Upgrade Build and Buy. The goal is to make life easy, and save everyone money on real estate. Creating a Productive Sustainable Community. With companies equipment and tools to  provide local jobs. Quality Services cooking being the top most important service will make life safer and easier saving everyone time while providing a quality restaurant environment.

The list of things we the people could use to make life safer and easier.  

Communities can live by different guidelines and laws to prevent poverty and homeless problems. Planning long before kids hit 18 to know where they could build their own place being a community service and law that the Government provides opportunities for housing. Balancing community needs with community growth in an abnormal professional way not normal in the USA today. Better ways to think and live. Knowing we can build things different and getting busy will make allot of people way more comfortable.  Today I never stop worrying. I shop almost everyday and cook. The hotel I am staying at provides free food but the service is inferior I hate to act ungrateful but I can't eat just anything. Some people and companies do care and say they are devoted to ending homelessness and I just want to lead the people and government on a more professional path to achieving the goal of not creating homeless problems in new communities with homecooked quality food services and nice places to eat.  

Talents. The more we know the easier it is to have positive thoughts and plans. The more we know the more useful we are to the people around us giving us more employment opportunities. How things are made or manufactured in classes at companies built to provide for the community. All people should be able to learn more easily about everything they are curious about. Knowing how to work with all materials as common knowledge for all boys and girls who want to learn is considered top priority. In the USA we don't learn enough in our public schools and colleges.  Knowing Woodworking, Plastic Bending cutting and processing. Knowing glass cutting and manufacturing of glass products. Knowing electrical residential and specialty knowledge like electro magnets. Welding making hardware. Heat Treating metals. Our father in Heaven wants us to marvel over the possibilities  and be inventors and providers of the many things we could do better. And most important is the goal of building communities that can operate without computers and cell phones so we are prepared when the World Ends.

A) Amenities all people can use for security, prosperity, entertainment. Community Construction Company and School. Knowing and using the equipment that turns trees into usable building materials is amazing. The machine turns trees into lumber fast! In Arizona places like star valley have way to many trees on land that could be bought for projects. Thinning the trees can make it safer otherwise I would not live in the forest.  A Community owned construction company that does it all. Lumber Processing, Cabinets, Furniture, Doors, Windows, Glass, Metal, Electrical, Plumbing. The biggest business on earth is woodworking and construction. Everyone one earth uses the services a carpenter and construction workers offer. Freedom Projects wants to provide training programs at companies designed to provide for the new communities we need. Community owned companies will provide training for the people. 

Construction. Farm Operations. Fish, Cows, Chickens, Dairy, Business Workspace, Workshop Space. A Community that guarantees affordable or free workspace is considered very important. Our city streets are here for almost free and so should workspace be also available for creative people to create job opportunities. New inventions should come easy for the inventors of new machines and products. Automatically including affordable workspace is considered critically important to healthy community growth. 

B) Essential Servies use by some of the people if they need the service. 

C) Upgrades to land areas essential to creating a quality community.

Roads Culverts. Gates and Fences. 

Power Lines

Construction Barn Work Shops. Cabinets, Windows, Doors. 

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