First 20 Tiny Homes Lots... $250 Dn/ $250 Per Month. Limited. 20 Lots 2000 sq ft each. Fenced 40X50 Private Yard Space. Perfect Cell Service on this property see the

land info link to the left. 

RV / Trailer Hook Ups. People in Cars and Vans... This opportunity includes septic hook ups for tiny homes or Motor Home or Trailer.

Tiny Homes 300 Sq Ft and Under. Prefab Tiny Homes Coming Soon. Bathrooms Included. This Opportunity Includes. Tiny Homes Able t0 be Towed to Lyman Lake. Onsite Tiny Homes Moving Service. Now you can camp on the water with miles of choices. Imagine Taking a Tiny Home or Several to the Lake for a Fun Film Event! That A Great Idea! Freedom Projects will  manage rentals people from all over will love this idea.

Will Include Onsite Service Home With Fire Place Living Rm / Mail Room / Showers, Kitchen, Laundry.

A Recreational Project... Last Edit 06/05/2023 ... 9:45 AM CA USA

Buy a Tiny Home Lot... 

$250 Down and $250 Per Month

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