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Freedom Projects Sustainable Communities Discovering The Way

Adhering to New Rules Laws and Guidelines For The Security of All People

Simple Stories and Math Shows Us How We Could Get Guaranteed Financial Freedom 

No One Can Dispute The Truth That Sets Us Free   Observe It And Rejoice That We Have A Choice

A Community Designed The Way That Saves Guarantees All People Never Have a Money Problem

Companies and Service Providers Will Automatically Strive to Keep Life Affordable

The core of most peoples problems is not being able to afford what they need 

Now easy to understand truth shows Us how we can 

Easily afford everything and escape money problems forever

Merchants Fast Food Restaurants Landlords, Auto Sales and Parts and Material Supply Companies are Out of Control. in 2023. Building Our Own Cars and Batteries Being able to Manufacture and Repair many of the things we need looks essential to our survival. The High Cost of Living in the Worlds Cities and The USA is making life more dangerous than ever before. Companies to be built for the people for the Freedom Projects will automatically keep things safe and affordable.  To automatically included everything the people need to guarantee a safe beautiful abundant life is not normal  and should be considered the ultimate good idea God was hoping we  understand how we can easily afford the abundant life then go for it.

Design Synopsis and Descriptions For 5000 People Community Projects

Starter Units For Single People we all start out single provides space for 2

One Type of Unit Could Be Designed to Provide Space for 2 People and Maybe One Child

Other Units Could Be Designed For 2 Plus a Small Family Having Multiple Bedrooms

Economic Security Tax of $100 Per Month Saves Everyone Paying $500 to $2000 in Comparable Rents Products and Food Services. Fast food restaurants believe in charging ten times the cost of food. Owning food cooking services in a community to keep costs low is the first most important service. Many companies will be automatically included as part of the city to provide local jobs and essential services. By Law the companies will provide for the people at the lowest rate possible like as if your family owned the restaurant or auto repair shop. Today we get whatever company happens to be there. Building and Safety approves construction projects and they have no quality rules or guidelines like no pubic toilets and nothing else is important until things change. Now a caring man plans to give the people everything rich people get and more. 

If you study and look you will discover what causes poverty when you figure out how to prevent it. In The USA the cities did not provide for the people properly or we would not have homeless camps and people starving on the streets. Now We Have A Choice to Say We Want Everything A New City That Cares. Keep this in mind! Most cities got nothing for the people but a park and library. When we walk out of our homes nothing outside is ours to use. We got nothing in our cities in the USA compared to what we can get for $100 per month. We get everything to eliminate the hard life. To have a plan guaranteed easy to understand. To get $100,000,000 in city upgrades and companies is a huge difference in planning for the success of the people. To pre calculate and to provide all important services with a budget of one hundred million per 5000 adults is incredible spending power this should be considered an adventure away from trouble. 

So It looks like if all adults pay $100 per month so that $100,000,000 is spent per 5000 people (Adults) on the list of things needed to avoid poverty and other serious problems that a husband and wife would pay $200 per month. A housing Unit might be a place to live for one or more than one person. This could be called the proposed Economic Security Tax. This idea should also be considered the planning stages of a different builder trying to fix the many problems the people automatically suffer in most cities. Providing amenities companies and services uncommon to any city in the USA in an attempt to eliminate the high cost of living in a new city and prevent homeless problems from being a part of the city as it grows. To guarantee more job opportunities and to prevent landlords from price gouging the general public as time goes by. A City built a different way with different laws that do not make life hard for the people. A City that guarantees an affordable safe life for the people who live there. In the USA we did not get public bathrooms just to mention one dangerous unhealthy problem. Landlords charge 4 to 10 times the build cost of things they lease to the people. This new concept city would automatically keep rents the same after adding a  small amount of profit for investors to encourage them to invest. Just out of high school in 1975 a 4 bedroom home rented for $1000 per month average rooms cost $250 per month. Today the landlords try to get $1000 per bedroom or $4,000 per month for rent. This is a huge unfortunate problem for the people of the USA and the earth.  New Developments can bring back the old prices like in the 40s 50s 60s. Life can be affordable again in a new city to be built on Earth.... Heaven was always supposed to be a place on earth for the people to live. Knowing How We The People Can Easily Afford To Pay For Heaven is a Very Important Starting Point. The Abundant Beautiful Life Easy To Afford. God Says if You Believe in me I will give you everything. Knowing how we can easily buy everything and being happy with this wisdom is Gods Hope. See it believe in it and go for it. 


Amenities Companies and Services Needed to Create a Safe Sustainable Community

Cooking Service and Restaurant. We eat approximately 100 meals per month  being careful about how much we pay is critically important to our financial security. In 2023 in the USA fast food restaurants are now charging way to much. Wendy's  charged me $12 for 2 pieces of fish or chicken? Frys and a drink. I almost had a heart attack paying $12. KFC  One thigh and a leg of chicken a drink and fries cost almost $10 the chicken was terrible not crispy I wont ever go back. If I average $10 per meal it would cost me approximately $1000 per month. Most people could never afford that cost. The freedom projects intend to provide quality meals like we would cook at home for a flat service fee plus the cost of food. Meals might cost the people at the 5000 unit projects $3 to $4 each. Bigger projects get bigger discounts. If 5000 pay $200 for cooking service per month that is $1,000,000 for labor per month.  $200 per month looks like enough for cooking and restaurant service labor for a 5000 unit project. A restaurant that stays open till 2:00 AM would need to charge an entrance fee for the labor and more for the food. Some restaurants operate 24 hours a day. Some operate 17 hours per day. 7 days a week some of them. Affordable cooking services like in a typical restaurant would cost more. The plan to provide cooking services must limit the hours of operation and how the people are served. This is an ongoing discovery project. There is allot to be said an analyzed about affordable feeding programs that a smart caring builder wants to include. A 20 unit project and up to 5000 unit projects. Smaller projects cost more and are more difficult to included a restaurant like service. To be continued on a dedicated page COOKING SERVICE.

Typical amenities most cities get. 

Road Improvements. $3M
Electrical Upgrades $2M
Water Systems $2M Wells Tank Pipes to Build Sites
Sewage Treatment Systems $3M

Community Park


Hospital $2M

Police Station $1M

Fire Department $1

Amenities and companies not normally included in most cities

This is a discovery project  to think about how to do it what to buy? 20 years of thought. 

The Community Construction Company

Public toilets and showers.
Community Restaurant
Community Market $3 

24 Hour Childcare Services $1 This service is supposed to be designed so that kids get  way more than any typical residential neighborhood. A place they can stay that eliminates the worries of the parents. The idea is to make raising kids safe and give them a different experience of being with the other kids way more often in a custom world for kids. The childcare service might cost something to use? I'm not sure yet. It will be affordable is all I can say. 

Bakery Cooking Company 
Hydroponics Gardens $2
Dairy $1 
Pro Auto Shop $1
Fish Farms Indoor Tanks? $2

Machine Shop


Manufacturing Company Essential Products Soap Toothpaste, Shoes,

Auto Parts and Vehicle Manufacturing Company. 

Electric Motor Repair and Manufacturing Company

If life could be super affordable then the people would not need to make high wages or work 160 hours per month.