Wood Plastics Metal Glass. Leather, Music Etc.

Art Farm Is a Concept Company Being Designed for Creative People Who would prefer to live in Luxury. The Goal From The Start is To Discover How To Build Sustainable Communities with Quality Architecture and Affordable Essential Services. What does the way that saves look like? Salvation and Saving Us From The End Of The World Automatic Profit Sharing For Residents and Workers. Escape Boredom and Struggling with your Art Forms and Businesses. Automatic Marketing, Packaging and Advertising Support. Never worry about money again. Get Community Support Automatically. For Selling and Manufacturing Your Products and Services. Easy Financial Freedom. Simple to understand business plans can lead us into the easy abundant life. The Easy Abundant LifeEasy to pay for real estate. Easy to get to work. Easy to get support for building a business. Easy to access food and cooking services. With Smart Respectful Business Plans The Easy Life is Possible. Escape the Hard Life to a Quality Sustainable Farming Community. 

Paradise Ground Covering a Farm Operation. Soft Cool To Sleep On, Does Not Itch Like Grass. Very Drought Tolerant. Little White Flowers 1 Inch Diameter. Evergreen. No One Sells This Ground Cover. Lives Under The Snow. Never Turns Yellow. Art Star Farm is Required to Maintain a Magical or Fairytale Quality. Paradise Ground Cover Stays Green All Year. Never Seen Online By Me. So it Might be a Gift from God. Because I think I found it first. 

A goal is to produce as many products and services as possible in many dedicated, workshops. So we have access to everything we need after the system fails and the World Ends. For Our Community and for the local stores.


Housing Products. Windows Doors Cabinets, Furniture


Art Forms and Craft Products

Cat and Dog Products

Musical Instruments

Plants and Trees

This Art Farm 

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