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A Musical Performance Location For Music Lovers

Mobile Music Stage With Food And Housing Semi Private Sleeping Spaces

Cordless Musical Instruments Traveling Light Art Show Mobile Stage

This Piano Never Fell Below 440 Hertz In Over 17 Years. Has stayed in tune since 1999 My Dream Come True... Magic For Sure... PianoMagicMusic.com / This Is A True Story. If The Lady Told Me It Was Not Tuned In 16 Years I Would Never Have Looked At It... RobertRowley.com

This Video Shows Some Of The Videos RobertRowley.com Produced as I was learning to play the piano. Original Songs. Uploaded To Youtube.com/starnetworktv

Music Is Part Of Our Daily Lives... If We Take Time Off Its Nice To Be Able To Entertain Ourselves... I Got Into Music Hoping It Will Help Me Get Out Of Construction / Into Development Of The Big Music Project... As Of Today I Own Several Antique Upright Pianos...

RobertRowley.com Guitar and Piano. ... OurBigMovie.com Needed Music So I'm Producing Some Of It... Playing Piano and Guitar.  Music is a plague to many musicians... They never make it big even when they are great. This need not be. There is a way to succeed in music that can not fail. Being out for our own gain is the problem... If 100 musicians collaborate on a Big music project they can all succeed. That is reality. Together we can make it. Alone it costs to much. If 100 musicians pay $100 per month they can buy a $1M Studio. Next to their bedroom. Affordable bedrooms starting at $100? Per Month = $20,000... That is truth...

So I got involved in piano and guitar. I play both together and film at the same time. The videos sound good because they are in front of the piano as heard by the performer.