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Dear Girls on Earth. Life Can be Easy Beautiful and Affordable Guaranteed. 

We offer affordable luxury housing with job opportunities for girls. I noticed that girls have fewer job opportunities than boys so we give girls free or almost free real estate as part of the company business plan. 

Freedom Projects is a construction company with special projects designed to make life fun and affordable. 

We plan to hire an equal number of girls as boys as part of the Show Model and Format. For every boy we hire a girl gets a $20,000 gift certificate for a down payment on a bedroom.  Eventually thousands of girls will be able to get free housing.

Our first project is an entertainment based company. Gated and Guarded. A Beautiful Music and Movie Production Location.

The Ultimate TV Show for Romance. 2 Kingdoms 2 Castles One for Girls and One for Boys. 1000 Vacation Units each castle. The Girls and Boys compete to impress the opposite sex... Gifts... Each Month The Boys and Girls  have an event between the 2 castles...

This is a Farm Land Fairytale Type Construction Project. People will want to vacation at this resort on a hill near a lake and airport in the mountains with pink fairytale soil.

Phase One Freedom Projects. Limits Ownership of Real Estate. Jobs with affordable housing.