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Dear Girls on Earth. Life Can be Easy Beautiful and Affordable Guaranteed. 

If you look at the inside of your home and the outside. If you take a drive through the city almost everything we see is the work that boys accomplished. I think it is safe to say that boys have way more job opportunities than girls. 

It is more difficult for girls to find employment so Freedom Projects charges every boy $100 per month to pay for starter bedrooms for girls. The projects will create local job opportunities near the rooms. Boys or the company they work for will pay $100 per month for what I will call The Girl Tax. The companies built by the projects for the people living at the projects will pay the tax. Freedom Projects will not attempt to charge companies not built by the projects. Boys who find employment from companies not built by the projects would be required to pay monthly as part of their rent. 

 Starter bedrooms for girls are planned for the top floor of the service barns. Some rooms are planned to be inside homes built for workers.

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