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Sewage Treatment Systems and Information. New Government Regulations for Sewage Treatment Systems For The USA and The People on Earth Who Need Toilets. 

New Regulations For Sewage Treatment Systems Require That Waste Matter be Separated  into two places. A) Waste Matter Mostly Solid. B) Waste Matter Mostly Water. Mostly Solid Into a Tank. Mostly Water for the garden or to deliver to the city sewage treatment system. 

Argument in Favor of New Sewage Treatment Regulations. Why New Laws and System Regulations Have Been Approved By The US-QCMD. In 2023 Some of the Sewage Treatment System Facilities are Polluting Lakes, Rivers, and The Ocean.  Some reclaimed water has no ability to support the life of plants and insects in places like Malibu CA. The sewage treatment pond has no life in it. A normal pond has snails the row boat bug algae and other life forms. 

Solid Waste, Toxic Fluid Like Tuna Can Juice and 

Soap in Water. 

Regulations for Separation and Making Waste Water Safe and Easy to Reclaim for Watering Landscape and other uses.  

It has been Determined that Poop, Toilet Paper and Trash from the Garbage Disposals  Should not be mixed with shower water bath tub water sink water, swimming pool water, rain water etc.

Single Family Residential

Multi Family Apartment

Testing and Approval of Environmentally Safe Soap Products

Approval Of Sewage Treatment Facilities.

New Regulations for Public Bathrooms. In 2023 July many bathrooms used by the general public in the USA are no longer approved by the US-QCMD.  

1) Soap Must be Approved and conform to New Regulations to Prevent Pollution and the Poisoning of the Environment.