www.StarNetworkTV.com is Gone Forever 

This Website was created to save the movie stars

from something not perfectly clear at the time.

Even rich people need salvation from the end of the world

This Is The Temporary Front Page Of Star Network TV

Ideas for Movie/Music Stars to make life safer and more enjoyable for everyone...

A Custom Hotel (A Meeting Place) With Helicopter Pads on the Roof

Once Upon a Time over 100 TV.coms went here. I want Brad Pitt to know I believe in a movie called once upon a time. Once Upon a Time There Was Love Everywhere. Love is not a sexual spirit. So when I walked past Brad and felt extreme Love it was because of the people in Heaven wanted Us to work on something together. 

A better future starts by building a better place to live. People who know how to build things are needed first. Construction workers and Machinists for Green Motors are needed first. Magnetism is the best way to solve most problems and the best way to make life secure. For Security Reasons it is Top Priority.

This web site in the beginning God said these people need to be rescued. They need a safe place to go...

Construction workers got screwed big time in the USA.  

This is Robert Rowley I can not afford to work for the State of California for free. I  am not getting much done on the sewer upgrade. 

I am interested in working on the green motor project. 

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Originally this website was created so that the movie stars could build a safe place to go. 

A Sustainable Luxury Hotel With Farm Land Food Production Manufacturing ...