6/2/21 CA. A Variety of Things Must be Done Fast to Upgrade the way we discard sewage in California. And the way we use chemicals must be altered! The Death of Many Life Forms in The Pacific Ocean is considered a Big Non Life Threatening Disaster (Today June 2021 The Ocean is Not Killing Humans Yet)  For Global and Local Security Reasons Polluting The  Ocean Must Stop ASAP. Its OK to claim that rotting barrels of DDT did some of the damage. Its OK Not to Panic. And its OK for The Local Government along with professional construction workers to pass emergency laws to use locations and share ground space if needed. For New State of The Art ST Systems. Some Systems will reclaim water without causing problems but most systems will probably be electronically monitored perk systems with an easy way to remove solids.

6/2/21 CA. Because I called 911 and a Terrorist Hotline a War was stopped before it started designed to kill everyone using the LA Sewer System. This still scares some of the people and we already suggested killing the plumbing systems dumping into the ocean instead of Us The People. Jesus Christ told me and I called 911. The Lord can't lose me. I understand his mind and know his hope for Us can easily be achieved.

Sewage Treatment Systems

6/2/21 CA. Typical septic systems used in residential applications usually use a one tank system to catch everything from your pipes and the solids fall to the bottom of the tank and a truck comes to pump the solids out of the tank. Some times holes or cracks between bricks allow the water to perk and sometimes the water over flows into a leach field from the tank. In the past as far as I know the only way we knew if the tank was full is the smell? Many of these systems had a lid or top that got buried most of the time. These systems did not try  to reclaim water. These were perk systems where water filters down into the earth. Not always a good idea on hillsides and so California must use several types of systems to reduce and or completely stop sending poop soup to The El Segundo ST System. We should say its over worked and almost broken. As for the old systems many of them are buried in many yards. Putting new systems in where possible and just hooking up old systems is possible. A single tank system might not be a system considered state of the art. Pumping Solids Must Be Easy A Simple Hook Up and Pump  it System.

Being able to reclaim water from sewage starts with.

A 3 Tank ST System would not leech or perk till after tank 2. This would keep leech holes from clogging and produce almost clean water depending on soaps and chlorine used. Continued Soon!

6/2/21 CA. In Malibu Leach Pit Systems will work in many areas and as for the existing pond evaporation system letting overflow fluid get into the Malibu Bay it has one out put port so it might be easy to pump up hill the over flow into an upgraded leach pit system. For now the goal is to not let reclaimed water escape into the Bay or use it for watering landscape unless its safe. Safe For Fish, Frogs, Insects, Humans, Birds, Plant Life, Snails, Dragon Flies Etc.

6/2/21 CA. Deep Hole Leach Pit System. This system would have 2 to 3 holes or more depending on the need with sensors to monitor how the system is perking and if solids are needing to be pumped. The goal of this system is to collect and to be able to easily remove solids.

6/2/21 CA. Round Deep Hole Leach Pit (ST System) Maybe 10 to 20 Ft Deep Holes single family residential? Will Vary with location maximum depth? Ask the company drilling holes for foundations in Malibu how deep can you drill holes?. Using ABS 2 ft to 3 ft diameter pipe  These types of systems are being designed with the idea that a machine can drill holes faster than other ways of installing tanks. The pipes to be installed into the holes would have leach holes but not in the first tank. A single tank system is going to clog easier with solids clogging holes designed to let the water to escape.

 Where to Install Sewage Treatment Systems (ST Systems)

6/2/21 CA. Depending on the location and type of real estate requiring an ST System will depend on the type of system used. Many situations will be analyzed.

ST Location 1) A Giant Multi Family Development just started selling units next to Lowe's in North SFV. Northridge Area. it is Big! How much poop does this developer plan on sending the wrong way? The Construction Workers are Curious? Lowe's has maybe 4 toilets and all that land for perk systems. If there isn't enough space for local developments making the system for Lowe's Bigger than Lowe's needs is a consideration.

ST Systems Typical Location Idea A) Where cars park could have the ST Systems under the road surface with removable plates.

ST Systems Typical Location Idea B) City Parks / Can be hidden and if not could be a decorative piece of architecture. Show attempt to safely reclaim water for watering grass.

ST Systems Location Ideas) Sidewalks Under sidewalks. Golf Course. Industrial Buildings. ST Facility.

Wasting Water in California

I'm in shock! How much wasted water we the people must act different. In one night sprinklers came on 4 times flooding the sidewalk and gutters. Just one story! In one small area of the earth I have 3 big wasted water stories! That have not been fixed! Many water wasting problems exist today. More stories and videos.

Reclaiming Water From A Drain Pipe

Separating Solids

Funding ST Systems

Hillside Solutions

High Rise Buildings

New Multi Family Developments

New Laws For Developers and The General Public To Note

6/2/21 CA. All New Developments in CA Must Use 2021 CA. Approved ST Systems that do not smell or release toxic soap or chlorine gas into the air. New Developments must process and keep their  sewage onsite at their location unless a variance is granted.

6/2/21 CA. In CA. USA. The people wear masks without my permission I never feared the corona virus for one second of time. I'm saying the Government is always making laws without voting on them with the general public. Think of it like this if we don't fix this problem fast without trouble makers getting in the way another recession will reduce the value of your real estate.

Reclaiming Water At EL Segundo STF.

Modifications to the old systems and diverting the flow to the new systems.

To fix this sewage problem a new governing body is being decided and elected with new check systems and new sewage processing systems being designed.

Sewage Stories. In Malibu California 34 Years Ago I Lived on 5 Acres with a septic system. I think there was less than 10 homes then you would need to drive miles to civilization Decker School Road in Malibu. It still makes no sense where did they take the poop? I remember being in Malibu when yellow foam was everywhere on the beach with signs warning no swimming because of bacteria! Kelp and Sea Weed could always be seen floating on top of the water in 2021 99% of the kelp and sea weed is gone. I knew that what killed the plant life must have  killed the Pacific Mole Crabs. Billions lived in the sand now it seems like 100% are gone. I will do an inspection and show with a video how and where they lived.

6/2/21 CA. ST Class Topic 1) If you clean construction tools in a bucket washing off concrete drywall compounds and paint the next day the compounds are at the bottom of the bucket and the water looks almost clean. Now if you drain off the water at the bottom is solid matter that gets thrown into a garbage can. The story to be learned is separating solids and disposing of them properly not letting solids clog pipes is important.

If you add up all the water you use in a day most of it would be shower water and dish water with some urine. Imagine Removing The Poop Solids. If you put all the water in a pond with the urine and soap it might not kill the fish and snails and dragon flies? Discarded sewage water does not kill grass as I have seen a pond outside a manufactured home. This story is about a question? How can we design a system on our property that will not cause a problem in our yard.

Many properties must go back to septic systems in California. For example. I lived on 5 acres in Malibu and the home had one bathroom. We never should have been hooked up to the sewer system it still makes no sense at all. 5 Acres can handle its own sewage.

Ponds for waste water in the yard near the home. If you let all the water from your home get to a pond what would happen? A pond was 10 feet away from a mans home in Arizona. It never smelled and green grass grew only around the pond.

Wherever possible home owners land lords and companies must handle their own sewage. Places like Home Depot and Lowe's easily have enough land for leach systems underground with very few toilets its easy. Most shopping centers and Shopping Malls look easy.

Removing Solids. Systems for separating and removing solid waste.

Leach Fields and Holes or Leach Pit. How many square feet of surface area is needed for one person? An average person uses 15 to 20 gallons of water to shower and for the toilet. How long does it take to perk? Leach Fields are usually not very deep and not wider than 2 to 3 feet. Maybe 20 feet long for a 3 bath home. Leach holes could be used where surface space is limited and should be easier to drill and install with some equipment already available.

A pit or hole below a toilet is a system that can be seen in AZ at a Lake near Show Low it has no smell and how long has it been there? Maybe it never got emptied yet? A Toilet Seat on Top of a 20 foot hole 3 feet in diameter don't drop anything!

Funding For New Systems.

Hillside Homes.

High Rise Buildings.

Giant New Multi Level Development Projects. Above ground systems using garage space and or space intended to be sold as housing. Some Architects and Designers might not agree with a law that will require them to process their own sewage. 

Banks and investors never had a record of being honest or nice or smart with a true son of God. Still nothing for the people is what we got. This is the USA we the people did not get anything from our Government including no public bathrooms, a health risk to everyone. 

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This is The California Disaster Letter. Most life forms are already 99% gone. Crabs,

grass hoppers, flies, flying insects, the ocean is dead including most plant life, star fish, clams,

hermit crabs if you can find them are covered in brown poop. Not Colorful like in the 70s

The Bible calls it worm wood. Worthless Pacific Ocean. Void of life. Not a food source.