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Making Breakfast in The Van WH CA. 1 Man Mobile Army of Wisdom

Almost Free Energy Will Change Everything

Magnet Powered Generators Clean Green Energy

There is Over 100 Ways to Create Energy With Magnetism. 

Some Systems Could be Built to Run for 100s of Years

These Systems are The Greatest Positive Possibility To Prosper 

And Secure an Easy Abundant Life For The People On Earth

A New City Where Energy Is Almost Free 

Portable Power Supplies Changes Everything. Land is almost free in many places because of no power. Magnetism Provides Power to Remote Land Areas to Pump Water from Wells and Works in the Dark. The people could thrive in more areas. Providing water and power to hydroponic gardens growing food. These systems take up less space than solar panels and can be almost maintenance free. A refrigerator could have its own power supply or a motor home. Some systems could turn props on boats and not need gasoline. These systems could get everyone working on new things and air conditioning is almost free. Make Hydrogen from Electricity and Water  to run your car. Or heat your home. This is The Greatest Positive Possibility To Escape All Evil. The easy abundant life is possible even without almost free energy and magnet powered propulsion systems. Motionless Magnetism. Energy From Chemicals Bonded to Metals. Power in Your Hand. Some Big Companies have already hooked up to other types of systems even greater than these motors.