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The Gypsy Horse Ranch Is A Residential Farm Business Project For Sale Now

These Horses Cost $6000 to $15,000 Depending...

Coming To Salado Arizona The Gypsy Horse


Income Property. Joint Venture Partnership. The Gypsy Horse Ranch... How Many Acres? 5 Acres Plus

 A Lake and Airport both are about 5 miles from this property..

Architecture. Carefully Planned Out... The Professional Way... Observation #1) Pics Coming... Architecture For This Project... Fairytale Country.... A Private Film Location... A Photography Studio... A Time Shared Vacation Location...

Master Bedroom.

Boats Time Shared at The Ranch. 2 fishing Boats... 1 House Boat

Keeping it simple.

Full Time Living at Gypsy Horse Ranch.

Time Shared Gypsy Horse Ranch.

A Resort you can live at full time or part time.

How to make money on time shares? Buy Wholesale... Most sell for $10,000 to $15,000 per week of ownership. A Resort unit can be built for as low as ( $1000 per week)= $50,000 and sell for ($10,000 per week )=$500,000.