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For Rich Investors 6% Interest Only On First Trust Deeds... Plus Profit Sharing

For Poor Investors No Money Down Buy Affordable Housing With A Job Onsite

This Company Freedom Projects has several projects planned in more than one area of the earth, and some of the land is bought and Paid for in full. Salado Springs in Apache Arizona. South of Saint Johns North of Lyman Lake Elevation 6800ft Pristine Moutain Views all around and it snows and gets cold.        Considered to be the nicest land Near Lyman Lake totaling 36 acres terraced for a half a mile from the back to the hwy 180/191 640 Wide . Resort Quality With Lake Water For Irrigation ... Ready for water falls fish farm ponds and housing projects. See and Info Link.

Besides Fire Wood we will make use of Hydrogen for refrigeration and Heaters. Magnetism for electric heaters and everything else electric. Momentum for direct drive propulsion systems like props on boats. Today we can buy refrigerators that run on propane. Those  can easily run on hydrogen instead that we create from electricity from solar panels and water. 

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Today if you  live in LA or some other big city and you want to be rescued getting out to our project is one option coming soon. Saving the people from poverty starts in new communities built different. We Guarantee Easy Financial Freedom. So You Can't Lose.

Multi Use Farm Land Industrial Residential Real Estate. Multiple Craft Shops One Big Barn Like Mansion. your Garage Door Your Shop.  Last Edit 1/8/2023 8:15 PM... Phoenix AZ.