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I went to a wedding in Oregon my cousin James got married and after the reception was over I rushed to the Airport to catch a flight back to Los Angeles. I was late so I rushed on to the 300 passenger Jet Airplane and thought well if I had assigned seating it would not matter because this Jet Airplane is empty except for one passenger. So I walked down the aisle and stopped and walked to the seat next to the only passenger and sat down and grabbed her hand and I thought she should feel safer now that I'm holding her hand and I will talk to her after we take off. She for sure was a super cute blonde human girl. Her birthday is July 3rd. My Birthday is May 3rd. We had perfect astrology She is a Cancer Girl she  is (I Feel) Virgo is (I Think) Just to let you know the difference and I am Taurus I am (I Have). I noticed at her place in Beverly Hills that we could feel Love Constantly when we were together. Like Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalen they feel Love Constantly. Linda Goodman Love Signs and Sun Signs are two books that Genius Aries Girl Wrote. Those books should be required reading for all people. Love Signs Explains that Cancer Girls Feel! The Girl I met on the Jet feels love for me constantly if we are together. Love is something everyone in a room can feel. It so happens that Cancer Girls are obvious to me and I always know just by looking at them that they are Cancer. We always gravitate towards each other and become friends easy. The girl I met on the Jet was the only girl I ever knew that felt Love for me constantly. She told me her boy friend got a phone bill for $125,000 and he owned roadside lumber in Agoura Hills CA. I thought I was going to get in trouble and never saw her again. The Biggest Romantic Error of my life. Nothing else matters when your in Love. She was mine and for sure I was the only boy she loved. I arrived in my Perfect 928 Porsche at her place. I also had a race car I built that was way nicer than the Porsche. I put slalom racing suspension wide tires and a big motor in the Trans Am. The Trans Am was pulled over for speeding more than once and the police let me go. You could not lose control of the car. 100 miles per hour Ventura Fwy 11 Am I told the Police officer I was enjoying my car he just shook his head and walked away. 

Robert Rowley USA Editor of FreedomProjects.Org Owner of FreedomProjects.Org and Every company I represent in this web site. Like GreenMotorProject.com I critic my own uploads and delete many. 

Affordable Housing with Business Opportunities For Sale? Soon? Near Lyman Lake Arizona  youtube.com/starnetworktv. 

Many things have changed for me. I now collect social security. Im older than 65. My body reminds me constantly that most humans do not escape death from old age. Many things have become more difficult and I no longer work for the people on their single family residential projects. 

I got screwed out of a life by everyone around me and even myself. I worked for companies to blind to calculate our operating expenses and actually never got paid more than the overhead for operating a construction service. In 2022 i raised my rate to $40 Hour on craigslist and still got lots of work. Finally after 20 years I had a little spending money. 

Idiot doctors in 2022 and 2023 gave me medication and almost killed me 2 times. Experimenting with their tainted wisdom the drugs came with warning labels that stated could cause death in older people. I had no energy and got infections and now I am partially paralyzed and my arms are numb. I have no strength and get cold easy. 78 degrees feels cold to me. I now have a constant reminder that I am screwed in another way I never expected. I no longer play piano or guitar. My thumb on my right hand is stiff and won't bend.

Do not trust the doctors for psych medications. If you hear voices keep it a secret. Jesus Christ heard voices also. If the government was smart enough to make life safe and easy for us hearing each other thinking would not be a problem. Jesus Christ had a direct connection to us and shared our pain and worries so he worked hard to solve our problems so we could know peace. He only succeeded for a short time and then he failed and was killed by the government. He did not succeed! He is alive with many other people somewhere far from earth. For sure a place exists. 

Affordable Housing with affordable food was always his first project. The most important thing we need is food and water. That will never change. Today for sure the most dangerous thing of all is that our food supplies come from far away from where we live and today over seven billion people live on this earth with a common problem. When the people worry the stores are empty like with the corona virus problem. No food in a couple of days. And some day the stores will be empty and never be filled again. The Book of Revelations Warns Us. 

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