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Top Story 10 Persons Can Follow A Simple plan and easily succeed, where one person will always fail. Business Plans Including 10 to 20 and more persons can easily succeed. Success at making a profit and easily affording to be part of big construction projects.

Being Out For Our Own Gain Leads The Hard Life and Often Times To Failure. If I as one person want to buy real estate. If I save $500 per month for 4 years I would have $24,000 Saved. Then maybe I could buy something?. Cant buy much still... Not a rich mans power. Now compare this. When 20 persons pay $500 per month that is $10,000 per month. Put it in the bank for 3 months and lenders will be ready to loan the group $2,000,000. $10,000 a month is enough to pay to get projects out of the ground and easily started.  So alone we struggle and together we can easily prosper. With the proper plan and land area.

This is Robert Rowley. FreedomProjects.Org. We Have Quality Land Ready To Develop. This is happening not just a story.

If you buy real estate at the developers level you get the lowest price and make the most profit. If you buy $100,000 In Real Estate. It is worth more than your development cost. In this case the real estate is being designed to easily be worth double. So buying $100,000 could be worth double the build cost. Build for $100,000 and receive $200,000 in Real Estate.

So put simple if you invest $500 per month for 18 months that would be $9,000. You could then take possession of real estate worth $200,000. You could then sell and make $100,000. Invest $9,000 make $100,000.

If you could be a developer you can make the most profit on real estate.