Please Believe That Jesus Christ Communicates in Spirit and if he ever uses words it is extremely rare. 

Miracles. Happen For Free so Expecting A Miracle Is A Good Idea.

It is Written That It is Impossible to Please God Without Faith. For Faith is The Substance of What Is Hoped For and The Evidence of Things Not Seen. 

The Magic Peanut I was home alone when I noticed a Miracle. I wanted to put peanut butter in My Ramen Noodle Soup. After discovering I didn't have any peanut butter I returned to my bowl and it had a peanut on top. God put a peanut on my bowl of soup considered to be a Miracle. I Ate The Peanut. 

Inside Our imagination we Have The Power To Visualize Anything. I created a place to go with a door and with my eyes closed I imagined the door opening and Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalen Stood Before Me. Their Love Was Strong and I Cried. Jesus Christ Never said a word but he showed me the past the truth about things he suffered I could feel her sadness and I was overwhelmed. I couldn't stop crying. Then they stood in front of me again and informed me in spirit while broadcasting intense love from his mind and heart, He Informed me of the way that saves and how it liberated the people and showed me the spirit they could feel and what brought them joy.  Mary said to me you are a flower in my garden. The meeting was over I opened my eyes and never got tired that night

Do This in Memory Of Me?

The Harvest is Plentiful But The Laborers Are Few. A comment from Jesus Christ made as he was having trouble keeping his commitment with the people who followed.  Construction of a new place to live a different king with a different idea.  Jesus Christ and the Apostles fished for the people and for sure they were building a place to live for thousands of people who followed. A master craftsman makes good progress as a worker unless he becomes a teacher on the job in charge of unskilled workers. Unskilled labor is a problem to productivity and most of the time costs a company money by slowing down productivity.  A productive construction environment is not a place to learn for unskilled workers. 

Affordable Housing and Food Make Life Easy

The End of The World. A big concern that has lasted over 2023 years so far. The Bible explains that the stores will be empty someday and never be filled again. If you worry about it your not alone. A Way of Life able to save the people must be a sustainable community with sustainable manufacturing companies. System Failure. Computer failure cancels the sales of all things we buy. Starting with the computer at the cash register. Debit and Credit cards at gas pumps and stores won't work, phones won't work and the stores will fail not being able to sell. The Bible warns us that this will happen. Read Revelations. 

 The Way That Saves. Being saved. I am going to say that there is more than one thing we need to be saved from and that living life a certain way has the potential to save Us from many problems we could be saved from. I will say that when we truly understand how Jesus Christ thinks we know he wants to save Us in this lifetime that we live on earth together from money problems first. What irritates Us creates spiritual energy that does not support love and peace. We have heard that God is Love. It is true and that God is Love and that if we don't feel Love that God might not be near Us. When humans are saved from the many things that they can be scared of. That they have found the way of life Gods Faith Gives Us. When we do it Gods Way then God or the spirit of Love is able to be in Us because we are no longer worried and irritated. Living separated from the world's way is required and no place exists that I know of except in heaven where the people live in peace and know Love. Heaven can be a Place On Earth. The Way of Living That Saves Us.

The King of Kings Builds a Community that Automatically Provides for Everyone all The Things Needed. The Abundant Life  Affordable safe  services and opportunities. Providing for Large Numbers of People. 5000 pay $1 per month pays for $1M in community amenities. Large numbers of people get more so we must think big.  1$ per month is enough to pay for land for one person when 5000 pay together. This truth has lasted over 2000 years. In some rural areas a square mile costs less than $500,000. 

Things We Need to Be Saved From

Worry 1) In 2023 The High Cost of Living is Scary. Being Saved Includes Affordable Housing With Affordable Food. 

Worry 18) Knowing Where Your Children Will Live When They Hit 18 Years of Age. In Heaven it is Law of The Land to guarantee that we have a place or choices of places to live when we hit 18... 16 or even 12 years old! It is Gods idea that we study and learn how it could be. Laws For A New Way To Live... Land for the people. Continued.

Worry 3)  Jobs and Where to Work ... Today all Cities in America Build Residential Housing with no concern for the people who need Jobs after they move there. Work 4 weeks 40 hours per week total 160 hours is The Worlds Way Not Gods Idea. Gods Way Requires Less Labor to Pay for Life. It might only require 80 hours per month or maybe even less.

Its not Gods idea that we pay as much as we pay or for as long as we pay for housing. 

Worry 4) Getting What We Need in The End. What is the list of things we need to still get when the stores fail. Food, Tooth paste, Toilet Paper, Shoes, clothing, A Big Concern is being able to provide the things we need after the end of the world. It is important to calculate and plan for. A New City must be able to continue to manufacture most of the things the people need living in the city.             Last Edit 7/24/23       4:00 PM USA

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