Self Sustaining VIP Units

These Units Will Have Indoor Parking For Prevost Motor Homes. Designed for Big Time Music People. Watch Outdoor Concerts, from the Balcony? 30ft wide 80 ft long. 2400 sq ft custom insulated and painted walls $120,000 upgrade.$50 per sq ft... A Garage Work Shop... With Shower and Bath. Large Roll Up Door...

No Noise Pollution is Very Important! I'm from Los Angeles and I'm into Music. I have grown to hate road noise and some music with hate based subject matter... A beautiful life with opportunities changes the way we feel about life so thus music would change. People often times sing about the problems they have had! Life need to be much easier and enjoyable for the average person, then musicians can sing about positive opportunities and inspire the people... Wisdom is What We Need.

Helicopter Landing Pads on The Roof Per 10 Units. Helicopter Airport and Hangers. 

Outdoor Concert Stages. A Movie Location... Several Custom Theme Resorts.

Can you hear a concert 1/2 mile away? This property is 1/2 mile deep from the hwy to the canal. So if I say their is a concert Last Edit 08/29/2018 ... 1:30PM