US QCMD - United States Quality Control Management Department. 

Testing Labs will do random inspections of products used for cleaning and drinks consumed by the general public. Caffeinated products and the soaps we use and more. 

Public Records. Title Companies will be required to use forms approved by the federal government. I trusted escrow companies in the past and never checked closely and spent my time marveling over buying land. My escrow papers look fake and there is no way to prove I own the land to a neighbor or anyone else if you look at the documents the city did not cross check anything either. All the paper work is incomplete and or wrong. It does not effect me in a negative way at all. I just noticed a deed of trust is a title of ownership to the property. Mine has no accurate APN and non of the paperwork shows where it came from and non of the paperwork has an accurate APN. This file will b used to encourage the governing forces to agree with new forms with more info. A Deed of Trust should include a Plat Map. No Plat was included in my escrow file. Is that normal? I pay taxes and my Parcel Numbers are accurate where it matters most. The escrow officer or agent decided to eliminate one parcel number and customize the other parcel number as I was buying two parcels of land but only one escrow. The Deed of Trust will be changed and will include a plat and a picture of the owner and a description of its location. My deed of trust has a file number on it not an APN and there is no way of telling where it came from by looking at the page. My deed of trust does not explain that it is a title of ownership to real estate. Its trash in an argument if I don't have more proof. The average human including me does not know that a deed of trust is a title of ownership to property. 

Soap smelled like strawberries and then it changed to eye burning evil.

Dangerous Chemicals from laundry detergents and fabric softeners pollute the air in Goodwill stores and other stores. 

Walmart. I almost left a Walmart Store yesterday because the smell was so strong in Phoenix. I also noticed a new dangerous idea. This Walmart just had the floor tiles removed and now every time they mop the soap will soak in. I am very upset about this. 

Companies have been dumping soap from mop buckets into their parking lots for many years. In Phoenix I have been overwhelmed by soap odors I know are poisonous. My storage facility dumped in front of me 2 times recently. I had a hard time breathing the second time because it was near my van. The first time I saw the employee dump it was gone in 10 minutes from hot weather. But the soap odors soaked in.

The United States of America does not have a Quality Control Management Department for Public Services. This Report should be considered a declaration to improve the management of the US. Here we can find a description of a much needed company and a list of important changes needed to improve the quality of life in the USA. An outline of things needed. Including Health of the Environment the people and our economic security. A simple system can make life easy and affordable its our responsibility to enlighten the people to the Good News because a 10 year old child can easily understand the truth that sets us free. 

Quality Control for Public Services. The Public Services we receive from merchants inside the buildings we buy our products and services from. The soap they use must be approved by the US QCMD. Some Merchants might be required to allow access to bathrooms today many places don't. 

Plumbing fixtures will need to be approved by Homeland Security. Today sinks and toilets fail in power outages. Not only that. Many sinks in stores don't deliver water for washing hands. The motion sensors do not work properly. 

T-Mobile screwed me so bad I lost both phones. So I went to buy a map and discovered no stores or Gas Stations sell maps in California. Gas Stations and other stores will be required to sell maps approved by the Homeland Security and the National Guard.

Social Services and Mental Health Buildings. Will be upgraded to include some new public services and written information easy to read and understand that proves we the people have options and a way out of difficult financial situations. Easy Financial Freedom is Easy when a builder knows the way. 

Social Services front windows of the buildings will be much more informative and include more information. 

How many gallons of water does one poop pollute? Forget the answer for now its thousands of gallons can easily be ruined by one poop. The first Freedom Project has a very shallow water table. I am designing a sewage treatment system  on the property. Poop will not enter the system and no kitchen sink water. Showers will use safe soaps and. A message to everyone. Poop piss and kitchen sink water must be separated from shower water. New systems will be designed for residential homes and multi family buildings. New Developments will be required to use new systems that separate the poop from water able to be reclaimed.  For big buildings a truck could remove a container once it is full of poop and install an empty container. Solids can be taken inland someplace and made into fertilizer maybe?

To Understand The Way and The Truth That Leads to The Abundant Life Pleases God. Poverty is a result of stupid economics. Smart Economics Saves Us and Gives Us Everything. 

For many years I have chokes on cheap perfumes shampoos in people and soap odors from cleaning products. Many Gas Stations and Stores are Seriously Polluted. Disinfectants and soaps used for cleaning are hazardous to your health. Read the labels. A lady wears a mask as I enter her home I'm choking to death. Lady! Your home is totally hazardous to your health! I can't breath in hear! I'm a Handyman. 


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