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All Freedom Projects Are Self Sustaining Projects Including Housing

Here at Freedom Projects YOU GET WAY MORE!. All projects build common space like in a Hotel. If you buy into a $4M Mansion you get a Fancy Master Bedroom with $1M In Shared Common Space... The People will pay the rent to party at the Mansions... THESE MANSIONS WILL BE USED TO PRODUCE MOVIES AND OUTDOOR CONCERTS...

Self sustaining in Home Business Projects in Arizona. 5300ft above sea level, Between Lyman lake and Saint Johns Arizona with perfect cell service... Entertainment Based Guard Gated Community... Estimated $50,000,000 In projects planned. Construction and Many Other Jobs Available on The Property...

5 Projects are Plannd for Phase-1) Custom Residential Recreational Business Projects

1) $200 Dn $200 Per Month. Tiny Homes Lots With Service Home...

2) $500 Dn $500 Per Month. 10 Unit Entertainment Mansion


I consider it the ultimate fun business opportunity... It is large enough for many things. The first meeting I had with the Building Department. They suggested 100 Condos on 10 Acres. OK So that looks nice. The condos will have a man made lake with boat dock. My Favorite Idea is to be able to drive your boats inside a boat garage inside the condo? The idea is that you can take a boat ride from the condos to a Rsestaurant on Hwy 180/191 North of Lyman Lake in Arizona... The Restaurant will have places to park the boats inside as one of the attractions. The Project will include a large parking lot for large events. Big Music Events... For sure an indoor Music Performance Stage... The Ultimate Indoor Outdoor Stage... The Property is In Apache Arizona if you google it you must write (Salado Springs Apache Arizona) The Property is across the hwy from hot springs of water. The Hot Springs is a major attraction as it makes a large land area plush and green in summer

The way the property is terraced and laid out it could have a tram to the top of our highest peak. The Mountain Peak West Side of the Canal. We could make fake snow in winter and use it for snow skiing.

Top Priority. Self Sustaining Housing Projects. (On The Front Gate) (Behind The Canal Helicopter Airport Resort) Security was always my first motivation Self Sustaining Wonderland Projects is What We Get... A Self Sustaining place is where you pick fresh fruit from the tree after it is fully ripened... A place where trees grow fruits and vegetables. Today Hydroponics is the best way to grow food. Here 1 acre per 100 people is automatically developed for growing food.

A City or Community Must Have Many Things Going On to make life work. So thus I represent more than one web site inside this web site... This web site is designed to care for the people automatically so anyone can move to a safe community with job opportunities and escape debt and other common problems. Self Sustaining drinking water, economics, electric, food, and transportation... Creating Housing and Business Projects the people can prosper from automatically as built in amenities is the way to solve most problems. Developing Self Sustaining Communities. Makes Life Safe... Life Can Be simple and easy...

Freedom Projects will solve most problems, by providing easy access to essential services like food water and housing. All communities should have easy access to things Like Work Space and Tools... Some of the Work Space Would Include Everything Needed to Operate Multiple Types Of Business's. Providing Local Jobs. No car needed to get to work... No car needed to go to local cities and places. Local meaning... Field Trips and Limo Service is Planned. 4 Hrs to Phoenix from Salado... Bus trips to Walmart etc... Limo Service To Lyman Lake and Saint Johns Airport., Economics. Easy Financial Freedom. Guaranteed Financial Freedom.  Self Sustaining Economics is much more easily achieved in a Self Sustaining Community. A community that produces more food than it needs a diversified supply able to sustain everyone's life in the community. The Designs are Coming. Housing Styles... For Creative and Active People...

Energy. Over Unity Machines create almost free electricity. Someday Electric Cars wont need to be charged from a cord. The electric cars will have an on-board generator. And what about High Tech Electric Boats? Electric Airplanes? Go to magnet powered generators are being developed by many people on earth today!

Manufacturing. Everybody needs many things to make life nicer and many new things are coming. For Freedom Projects. Manufacturing and Shipping Products World Wide is an Automatic Goal... Providing manufacturing space and equipment automatically will provide local jobs. Designing New things to manufacture.

Housing. Affordable Housing... Housing can be very affordable. $100 per month per person is enough money to provide housing and work space for one person. A specific housing type is being designed.

Education and understanding how to buy the easy life.,

Water. All Freedom Projects plan for Self Sustaining water supplies... If I dont think I can guarantee the water supply to a community I dont consider building the project... As of 10/13/2016 I have one land area I am working with. More than one parcel of land able to house hundreds of people. The land I am working with has 3 Water sources. 1 Shallow water table great for wells 150ft deep. Crystal Clear tastes perfect out of the ground.  Deep well 700ft deep, irrigation canal in summer from Lyman Lake,

Entertainment. Tours, Horse Carriages, Onsite Movie Production Locations. Outdoor and Indoor Performance Stages, Etc... More Coming A Movie About Reality...